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We all have at least 2 pairs of shades, and very often an impulse buy turns out to be a costly mistake, which is apparent in the cold light of day. When buying sunglasses, you need to ensure a good fit, and with that in mind, here are a few signs that tell you the latest pair of sunnies are not exactly a perfect fit.

  • Falling Off Your Head – If the frames are too big, every time you look down, the sunglasses will slide off and fall to the ground, which is due to the fact that the frames are wider than your forehead, and if the arms are not snug to your skin, they are too wide. Even turning your head quickly will cause them to slide off, and when purchasing sunglasses, make sure you know the width (websites give this information). A good test is to shake your head from left to right 3-4 times, and the shades should not move if they fit correctly.
  • Nose Supports – The two tiny pads are supposed to rest either side of the bridge of your nose, which should keep the lenses a few mm from your eyes, and if the glasses do not sit properly, it might be due to the nose pads, and with some sunglasses, these pads can be adjusted by bending the wire slightly. If the shades do not sit well on your nose, they might be too small, so try a larger pair to see if this solves the issue. For the ultimate of style and quality, check out the best aviator sunglasses at the Humps Optics. They’re one of the leading designer sunglasses suppliers, with very tough and attractive shades to suit all styles.
  • Partial Shading – If the lenses are too small, you will see wisps of sunlight outside the lenses and in such a case, a larger lens is the solution. A good pair of aviator style shades will ensure that your eyes are protected from direct sunlight, as they hug the cheekbones. Either that, or a pair of wayfarers, which also offer complete coverage of the eyes.
  • Temple Irritation – When you wear shades that are too small, this will cause the arms to rub against your temples and after a while, this would be noticeable. Tight fitting sunglasses won’t fall off, but they will leave a red mark near your ears and that will become uncomfortable. If you are interested in how sunglasses are made, you can find articles through a quick online search.

When browsing online looking for designer sunglasses, take note of dimensions and check those with yourself to ensure they will fit correctly, and if you find a good supplier, you can pick up a pair of top-quality sunglasses for around $50, which means you can order a couple of pairs. If you have one pair that fit perfectly, measure the frame width and the lens size and this will ensure you get the best fitting shades.

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Look for a provider that offers a no questions asked 30-day refund, as this protects you and such a returns policy reflects the confidence of the supplier.

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