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How to learn embroidery?

We love to learn many hobbies, but for one reason or another, we can’t. Are there any hobbies you want to learn and never had the time for? For me, that hobby is embroidery. I was always fascinated with hand embroidery and machine embroidery designs and was eager to learn.

When I took the initiative to learn embroidery, I was happy to see many options available. Nowadays, many custom embroidery machine are quite user-friendly for beginners. Likewise, many basic embroidery stitches help to make quite interactive designs.

Take embroidery classes:

There are many places where you can go and learn embroidery. You will find great instructors and embroidery kits, which will provide you a perfect start. Now, these days scenarios of normal have changed, and it is not practical to go to classes. That is why you can always join the online classes and get started with the journey.

You can watch online YouTube tutorials or join some specific group like,, Embroiders Guild of America, or take a class with Nashville’s Craft South.

Practice and practice a lot:

When you are eager to learn embroidery go for the stitch and practice as much as you can.

Follow embroiderers on Social Media:

A mere course of embroidery learning is not enough. Try to follow famous embroiderers on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It will help you learn the newest techniques and new designs with convenience. You can follow people like:

Sina Crafts
The BramyFox
DMC embroidery and many more.

Following these, Embroiderers provide many perks like you can learn the latest easy designs. Furthermore, many of them have embroidery shops on Etsy, so you can buy good embroidery projects and start your journey with ease.

Items to get started:

When you are starting to learn embroidery, there are few things you should have few items. Getting started with embroidery does not require a long list; there are just a few necessary tools to begin the journey of threads artists. Here is the list:

Embroidery hoop:

Embroidery hoops come in all types of flavors. You can choose from materials like wood and plastic and shapes like oval and round. Furthermore, you can choose among different sizes. Embroidery hoops are inexpensive and easily available at embroidery stores. Classic wooden hoops are used mostly for their elegant structure and durable material.

Embroidery Floss:

Buy embroidery floss from some authentic bran. The aesthetic brand ensures glowing colors and good quality; moreover, renowned brand floss is available easily at every embroidery store. So if you are short of any color, you can buy the same one from any store.

Embroidery Needles:

The needles come in every size; now, you should choose according to the preference to make sure that it is sharp and big enough to make a hole in fabric but not so bog that you can see the hole after finishing.


Learning how to do embroidery is difficult; a little patience, strategy, and practice will make you a pro in a few days. One tip you should remember is that start from easy stitches and then move to complex to avoid any discomfort.

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