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5 Compelling Reasons to Have Animated Explainers for Your Business

Video animation is now a part of a lot of fields. Almost every field now requires video animation. So that’s why the requirement & scope of video animation has increased a lot. A lot of people want to learn video animation. In this world of the internet, nothing is impossible. The only thing we need is passion & hard work. We can easily learn video animation from the internet. This article will inform you about how and where to learn video animation. Do you need Explainer Videos for your business?

Best Platforms To learn Video Animation:

There are a lot of platforms where you can learn Video animation. Almost all platforms are good. There are a lot of institutes which offer both physical & online classes & courses. Some online websites also offer good courses & classes in video animation. Some of the best websites are as follows.

  • Udemy:

Udemy is an online institute that offers courses in a lot of fields including video animation. It is one of the best platforms to learn video animation.

  • EdX:

EdX is also a good platform to learn video animation. Here a lot of courses are available. You can choose anyone that suits you. There are also courses which are good for beginners.

  • Coursera:

People can use Coursera to learn video animation. You can also learn about game designing from this platform. Their courses are very good.

  • YouTube:

Youtube has now become one of the biggest communities in the world. Here you can easily find details about anything. People can use youtube also to learn video animation. Here a lot of lectures on video animation are available.

Steps of making an animated video:

1: First gather information about the topic of your video. Then write the script of your video. Try to write the best script.

2: Then in the next step you will record the voiceover of your video. After it, you will make a detailed storyboard. A story board is a sequence of drawings that represent the images and sketches planned for your animated video. Typically, a storyboard has some directions and dialogues in it.

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3: After it, you will have to make a visual style according to your need.

4: In this step, you will have to add animation. This step is one of the main steps. In this step, you will add motion to the video.

Through these steps, you will be able to bring life to your animation.

Best Software For Video Animation:

1: Animaker

2: Adobe After Effects:

3: Moovly

4: Blender

5: Vyond

6: Digicel Flipbook

These are a few applications. There are many others & you can search about them. This was an article on the topic of how to learn video animation. I hope it was helpful for you.

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