Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Portable Document File is among the many essential file formats ever generated. In the past, people do not like converting their files into PDF documents since it is uneditable. However, the demand of people changes over time. Since PDF is unmodifiable, it has become more useful nowadays, especially to those who hold important documents.

As you browse online, you would see a lot of readily available tools for your PDF file. Among these online tools is the GogoPDF. You can use it to lock, unlock, and add watermarks to your PDF file to add an extra layer of protection to your PDF files. Here are some easy-to-follow guides when using GogoPDF.

Unlock Your PDF

It is undeniably true that almost everyone experienced forgetting their passwords, be it one’s social media account or file. Once you forgot your PDF file’s password, you would surely consume a lot of time scanning your notes and thinking about that file’s possible password. Or use the PDF Unlock tool of the GogoPDF.

Decrypting a password sounds complicated. But, using GogoPDF, you can do it at ease. The first step you need to do is select the encrypted PDF file and put it in their system. Once you have your files ready for encryption, GogoPDF will analyze your file and will start with the process of decrypting your PDF file.

Once the procedure is done, you can download your decrypted PDF file and be viewed and shared online! The entire process of unlocking your PDF file takes only a minute, depending on your internet connection’s strength. Also, the steps can quickly be followed by anyone. As long as you have the internet, it is always on the go!

Also, this tool works in almost all known Operating Systems. It can freely function in Mac, Windows, and Linux OS. You can also use this in various browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and the classic Internet Explorer!

Lock Your PDF File

Once there is unauthorized access to your webmail or social media account, you would probably go crazy over since people will have access to your personal information. In a similar perspective, once other people access your PDF file freely without your permission, you would get mad over it.

The common reason why people would encrypt a password to their files is that privacy matters when the files contain data that are not meant to be seen by other people. Luckily, GogoPDF offers to encrypt passwords to your PDF file using the most straightforward steps that no other web-based tools can ever match!

The first step in password encryption is to choose the right document and drop it in their system. Once your files are ready, you can input your desired password. But, there are strict requirements for your password. It must be a combination of letters and numbers with upper and lowercase characters to add an extra layer of protection.

Once you have your passwords ready, you can try to copy the link and send it to other people if it is deemed necessary. After the procedure, you can download your files. With this, you can enjoy a more protected file. You will never be worried again about unauthorized access to your file!

Add Watermark To Your PDF File

Once you post your files online, you cannot control the people that might take the credit away from you. Some people might consider it as their file. But, there is an idea that you must try to have full ownership of that file. One must consider adding watermarks to their PDF file using GogoPDF.

The steps in doing so are pretty straightforward. You must first select the files that you need to put watermark and put it in their system. After that, you can choose a variety of designs and colors to make a unique watermark. It may take a minute to finish setting up. Once the entire procedure is done, you can download it and share it online with no worries!

If you put a watermark on your PDF file, you can be sure that everyone will acknowledge that file as entirely yours. You can also add extra features for your watermark, such as your trademark, to make it more uniquely made by you!


Securing your file is necessary nowadays. You wouldn’t know that someone might use your files for destructive purposes. If you are looking for more features, you can check their website. You can also avail of their free trial for a limited time only!




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