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Every girl desires to have graceful and harmonious forms. And, someone has them by nature, and someone has to work tirelessly on this issue. Today we will try to help you in approaching the goal, give some useful advice and practical recommendations.

How to lose 10 kg per week

How to lose 10 kg per week

If you set a goal to lose 10 kg per week, then think about it a thousand times before embarking on the embodiment of your dream. After all, it turns out that every day you have to lose almost 1.5 kg, and most likely it will not be fat, but muscle mass and water. Such weight loss will not bring anything good. Your forms, despite significant weight loss, can change for the worse, and the lack of water will lead to premature aging of the skin and weakening of health. In addition, such kilograms quickly return back, only not in the form of muscles, but in the form of fat, from which it will be much harder to get rid of later.

Therefore, in principle, to lose weight in 7 days to 10 kilograms is quite possible, if we use all the measures in the complex, which we will write below and keep ourselves rigidly within certain limits. And yet, the weight will go away faster, if the initial indicators are too high.

It should be remembered that it is important not only to lose weight, but also to keep weight afterwards, and this is also not always easy. You should monitor the calories consumed and spent. However, one should not allow a sharp deficit of energy, this can negatively affect not only the figure but also health. It is necessary to observe a proportional ratio between proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The lack of any component can lead to a malfunction in the body. Particularly negatively on women’s health is the lack of fat.

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Lose 10 kg in one month

Lose 10 kg in one month

And this option is quite acceptable, especially if the excess weight is quite a lot. Now we will talk about everything in order and give some effective recommendations. So, in order to lose weight by 10 kg within a month, it’s enough to dump just about 300 every day. We need to create a small calorie deficit, perform regular physical training, and observe the drinking regime. Here are a few useful recommendations, adhering to which, you can forever say goodbye to the hated kilograms forever:

  • Choose a suitable power system for yourself. Remember that too severe diets cannot be observed for a long time. Restricting the diet, it can harm the health. After all, the lack of any trace elements for a long time can cause a serious illness. To date, experts have proved that even protein nutrition can cause harm to health if you observe it for a long time. Therefore, if you still decide to sit for a while on a diet, then observe the recommended time frame. The most rational option is proper nutrition.
  • Try to eat (including snacks) every 3-4 hours. Take your food slowly, carefully chew every bit. In the morning, give preference to carbohydrates, and in the evening and in the evening, proteins and fibre. Fats are also better to eat somewhere at lunchtime. Fruits can be eaten in the morning, but do not overdo it. Despite the fact that they have a lot of vitamins and fibre, they also contain a large amount of fructose. Fractional nutrition speeds up metabolism and makes the body work faster.
  • And a little more about sugar. It should be excluded from the diet as far as possible. Remember that its large number is disguised in many products under the guise of carbohydrates. For example, bread, sausage, yoghurt all these and many other ingredients contain sugar. Try to eat only complex carbohydrates in the morning. With the right approach, they will not be laid out as a fat layer on your waist.
  • Drink lots of clean water. She is a good helper at losing weight. In fact, splitting, fat rather clogs the body with slag, and the liquid helps to clean every cell, removing all the dirt from the body. The norm of consumed water should be calculated individually according to the formula (human weight) * 0.03.
  • Do not forget about regular training. Choose a program that matches your physical performance. If you have at least a little experience of physical fitness, try interval or functional training, Tabata, Crossfit, Taibo. If you are a beginner, then start with the usual aerobic loads, alternating them with small power exercises. Do not use too heavy dumbbells, just take weighing 1-2 kg.
  • Remember about visiting baths and saunas. These procedures will help to cleanse the body of toxins and excess fluid.
  • If possible, visit a specialist and take a course of anti-cellulite massage and wraps. These activities together provide a good result. Wraps can be done at home. For example, with algae, coffee, honey and other ingredients. With honey at home, you can hold an anti-cellulite massage yourself, despite the fact that this is a rather painful procedure, it is very effective.
  • And more, a few important moments. Know that losing weight will be much more difficult if you are often in a stressed state. The hormones released by the body at this time contribute to weight gain, not to its discharge. Try to sleep for at least 6-7 hours. Lack of sleep, too, prevents weight loss, because it is at this time produced growth hormone, which helps to lose excess kilograms. In the waking state, this process does not pass as actively as required for weight loss.

Effective Diets

Effective diets are many, but how safe are they? Unfortunately, this question remains open. After all, any food system imposes certain restrictions on a person, and this is not very good for any organism. Therefore, despite the fact that some diets and give some results, but stick to them for a long time is not worth it. Experts have shown a negative effect on the body of all diets. Despite the fact that protein diets and vegetarian and are considered quite effective, but their effect on the body is very insecure. The most reasonable way out is proper fractional nutrition. It is not difficult to observe it, and such a system will not bring harm to the body.

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