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Losing weight can be incredibly challenging for many of us. One of the reasons people usually fail at weight loss is that they are living in a sedentary lifestyle. You may discover a lot about living a sedentary lifestyle these days, but what exactly is it and how do you understand if you are experiencing this in your daily life? 

The term sedentary lifestyle is used to define a type of lifestyle with a lack of physical activity. It is meant by sitting or performing fewer activities only for enough of the day, watching television and use of computer or laptop with little or no energetic physical exercise. 

This lifestyle can cause some common health problems such as cervical spondylosis, headache, migraine, constipation, bloating, and more. Due to these situations, it seems quite difficult to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. 

Here we will discuss about individuals who have a sedentary lifestyle and what they can do to maintain weight and avoid weight gain. There are some vital tips by Lavleen Kaur (one of the best dietitians in India) to deal with these types of difficulties.  

Body Movement

We all know that the perfect solution to deal with the sedentary lifestyle will be proper movement of our body. The human body functions most useful when it is active, energetic and productive. 

Body weight is maintained at a good level, mental and emotional well-being is stable and rest is of better quality so the restoration and renewal of the cells are at a peak to maintain weight and wellness. 

Most of the time we forget to move our body and sit only one posture because we are quite occupied with our work. So, the first solution is you need to create an environment in which you can move around a little and talk to your friends or colleagues for a few minutes or do some work which involves some physical activities. Try to move your body at least after 30-45 minutes. 

Balanced Metabolism

Trending diet plans for weight loss that are extremely low in calories may work for weight loss in the first few days, but they are not helpful in the long run. Your body requires nutrition to stay strong and lose weight. 

Since many people believe that weight loss is directly linked to the number of calories they eat in a day, they may find it difficult to accept that eating fewer calories is not always a good solution. 

As a consequence, your metabolism can be drastically slow down to conserve strength and fat. And it makes weight loss very difficult to achieve. However, metabolism is not the only reason if you are not losing weight

A good lifestyle is the best solution to this problem. Along with a healthy diet, you must perform some physical activities often, your sleep must be proper; all these things help to improve your metabolism and digestion power. To lose weight or maintain weight, you need to maintain a good lifestyle to improve your metabolism. 

A Good and Healthy Diet

Different people have different habits for eating. Some are habitual to eat something any time or every time. One the other hand, many people are used to avoiding eating anything for a long time or they forget to eat while occupied with their work. 

This is all about priorities. Sustainable weight loss is also about making smart selections than strict dieting. If you make one little change in your eating pattern, it will be easier to get used to your healthy lifestyle. 

You need to give priority to your health. You have to maintain the intake of sodium if you are concerned about your health. Begin by avoiding some junk food and try some healthy food options.  

Include Vitamin B6 rich Foods

According to the research, a sedentary lifestyle is a major reason for causing health issues like PCOD/PCOS. Women who have a sedentary lifestyle are more likely to face this health issue. In this situation, you need to be very active. Also, vitamin B6 plays a vital role to cure this problem. Banana, walnut, potato, these are good sources of vitamin B6. 

Besides the above tips, including required potassium sources in your diet is very important. Banana, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, these are good sources of potassium. They help to maintain the energy level in your body, especially in a sedentary lifestyle. Also, there are some home remedies by Lavleen Kaur that you can try; coriander seeds water, anise (Sauf) water, and ginger tea. 

Though all these things are common and most people know about these but don’t implement in their life. Many individuals make excuses that they don’t have time, but it is all about mindset. This completely depends on you how you make time for all these things. 


Physical strength and health are connected with a strong immune system function, our defence system defending us from various disease and illness. A decrease in strength and overall fitness weakens the effectiveness of the immune system improving the chance of experiencing diseases. As we early discussed that movement is very important, so keep your body active. Even if you don’t have much time to do various exercises regularly, you can try some easy yoga exercises or some breathing exercises. It helps to calm your mind and body.

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