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elevator shoes for men

Whatever you buy, you need to maintain or take care of it if you want it to last long. Same goes for elevator shoes for men as it needs special care to maintain its shape. In this article, our focus is to educate you on how to care for your elevator shoes. Rest assured that regardless of the type of elevator shoes you own, you’ll increase the lifespan of the shoe by following the tips below.

Care Tips For Your Shoes

Check out some few tips on how to take care of your shoes below.


Below are some of the dos and don’ts of cleaning elevator shoes.

  • First, you need to clean the insides of your elevator shoe frequently. You can use spirits or any fungi preventing agent to clean it. The reason for this is to make sure your shoe doesn’t smell.
  • Do not use sponges on your shoe because they can contain chemicals that can damage your shoes. Rather, use a cloth or soft brush to wipe off the dirt on your shoes.
  • Again, if you have an elevator canvas shoe, never put them in a washing machine. This is because washing machines are very hard on footwear and it might damage it. Instead, clean it by hand by using fabric-friendly shampoo or soap with water.

Other Tips To Improve Your Elevator Shoe’s Lifespan

  • Water tends to destroy footwear and a lot of people are always sceptical about wearing their favourite shoes in the rain. However, there is a solution for that. All you need to do is to get a waterproof guard for shoes and spray it over the shoe’s surface. With this, rest assured that water won’t ever be a problem for your shoes again. However, make sure you do this at least once in a month to keep the waterproof protector in place.
  • If you own leather elevator shoes, try to use leather conditioner and polish at least once in a month. This will help the leather continue shining. Besides, with this treatment, the leather will remain flexible for a very long time. But, make sure you get quality polish because knockoffs might end up ruining your shoe.
  • After wearing your shoe, you should leave them out in the sun for a few hours before putting them in your closet. This will help get the shoe dry quickly thereby reducing the formation of mildew
  • When you leave shoes lying across the room, dust will begin to build upon it. To prevent this, try storing the shoes in the box or bag the manufacturers packaged it in.
  • Do not leave your shoes lying on the floor. Try to get a shoe rack or shelf to prevent situations where you accidentally spill something on your shoe. Besides, you can also step on it by mistake which we can all agree is bad for your shoes.


Just like we said in the introduction of this article; if you follow the tips we mentioned here, we assure you that you will enjoy your footwear more.


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