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Without a question, the majority of marketers crave the audience expansion and attention that come with making your video viral (either with intention or occasionally):

However, there’s no proven method for achieving virality with your video. Becoming popular online is rather a perk but not a plan, and certainly not an effective way to fix broken or ineffective social media communications. 

By recognizing some of the typical components of popular videos, you can improve the visibility and engagement of your video content, raising the likelihood that it will become popular (or viral, if the spike in popularity will be huge).

What can be considered a viral video?

When a video truly gets widely shared on social media and quickly gains a huge audience through unusually high exposure, it can be considered viral. 

There isn’t a certain threshold of views that suggests a video has gone viral. Moreover, the definition of “viral” itself has evolved over the past years. That funny meme song from 2012? It was viral then, with 100000 views, but if you get 100000 views nowadays in a let’s say, week, the video just won’t blow up.

The phenomenon behind video virality actually boils down to primitive social and psychological rules of nature.

Empathy and human ties are major factors here. The top reasons for sharing video content are usually these:

  • to relate to something;
  • to build better relationships; 
  • to amuse people with content and elicit emotions.

This little insight can help you understand the logic behind why some videos skyrocket in views in a few hours after posting, and some fail to gather at least, 10000 views over a week.

Hot tips on creating viral videos

There’s no secret formula to creating a viral video. These tips, though, will help you get a better understanding of what your content strategy should be.

  1. Create a brief. Create a storyboard, a strategy brief, and, finally, plan your production from A to Z. This will establish your real objectives, essential messages you want to deliver, tone of voice, video duration, method and platform for sharing, and other aspects. 
  2. Do research on your audience. Your video will fail if you don’t know a thing about the audience you’re trying to reach. You must determine what will strike a chord amongst your target audience and urge them to share your video.
  3. Stay true to your objectives. It takes more than realizing you want your video content to go viral to have a truly successful marketing plan to aware of your motivations for making your video popular. 
  4. Grab attention from the headstart. Any effective viral video quickly captures attention. One of the most effective techniques to do this is to address the viewer directly within the first 5 seconds of your video. When pronouns like “you” or “your” are used in the initial few seconds of your video, attention is on for longer.
  5. Create impressive storytelling. Storytelling is the foundation of content. Given that viral videos tend to be quite short, you should pick a context applicable to all people in order to deliver an engaging narrative quickly. 

As you can see by now, the only way to make your video go viral is to be creative and relevant. A lot of factors have to be considered, but even if your video fails to become highly viral, make sure it’s still worth watching.

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