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How to make and buy Curated Back Links

What are curated backlinks? 

Curated backlinks are also known as niche edits. They have differences with the guest post backlinks. This is because they tend to reach out to existing blog posts that have been indexed and written by Google beforehand. This involves getting a link added to the content which already exists. To Buy curated link you would need to understand the process and know the basics. 

A lot of people within the SEO heavily swear and rely on the already existing blog posts which might already be indexed by Google.

A skyscraper technique is taught by Brian dean from the Backlinko. From there you can get your exact types of the backlinks. 

These tend to be popular but they have their advantages and disadvantages.

Backlinks overall tend to have a lot of importance, as they are needed by everyone. In case if you plan to build backlinks, then it is important to consider increasing the authority and your brand within this industry. 

A lot of people do this, and many of them are curious as to how to build backlinks. To build a quality curated backlink, you would need a lot of rough and spammy backlinks as well. 

If you plan to build a backlink with good quality, which might be through a working-off page SEO technique, then many people would like to contribute guest posts to the authority blogs. 

This is a technique used to help strengthen a relationship between two brands and also help enhance to the reputation of the domain.

Backlinks are a need

This might sound easy, and sure it is. Especially if you have experience in writing, then a lot of people wouldn’t like to spend the valuable time to write a guest post for any other site. This might consume their time and energy.

The main point is, backlinks are needed, and a guest post can’t be written. In this case, what ways can one build a backlink without writing the guest post? Through this thought, niche edits i.e. curated backlinks are made.

How it works 

Whenever you place an order for the links, the target URL and the destined anchor text is to be provided along with it. After this, the place you buy the link from will go out and look for the existing blog post. This existing blog post might already be indexed by Google. The blog owner is reached out and then is asked to place your link within the article. A couple of sentences might be provided alongside, to make sure that the link belongs within the blog post and looks natural. 

The process 

  1. First, you place the order and provide the requested anchor text, the name of the website, and the niche.
  2. Through existing relationships with bloggers and sites, a good fit is found. New ones are found if one isn’t found within the existing network. 
  3. Relevant content is found to make the pitch
  4. Negotiation about any changes and terms are done
  5. Ranking starts to increase. 

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