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feminized weed seeds

Growing marijuana for personal and commercial use is a rewarding practice that could get you a lot of money. However, cannabis cultivation involves dealing with rich cannabinoid profiles, resinous flowers, and trichomes. This incredible characteristic can only be found on plants from marijuana seeds.

Typically, cannabis produces about 50% female and 50% male seeds. Wouldn’t it be better if it is possible to produce female seeds from every plant all the time?

That’s where the need to make and grow feminized weed seeds comes in. There are two techniques of manipulating your weed plant to produce females seeds only. The practice involves forcing the female plants to produce pollen, which is later used to pollinate other female plants. The outcome will be feminized sativa seeds, with no risk of further pollination.

How to make a female plant produce pollen

Inducing feminized pollen using colloidal silver

This is the most popular method of feminizing weed seeds. Colloidal silver is a solution in which tiny particles of silver are suspended. Colloids prevent materials from settling out in a way they can’t be removed by standard filtering. You can make the solution on your own or get it commercially.

Make sure that your colloidal silver has a strength of at least 15ppm. Using a solution with less than 15 ppm will only produce male sacs with little pollen.

Silver ion inhibits the production of ethylene required by weed plants to produce female plants. It forces the female plant to make male pollen sacs. Female plants have no male chromosomes, which means that you have a 99% guarantee of making female weed seeds.

The right time to use colloidal silver is a few days before the plant enters the flowering stage. Select a marijuana plant with desired characteristics and spray the target part of the plant for 10-18 days consecutively.

Remember to isolate once male sacs start to form, move the plants away from the flowering plant. It takes time, probably 2-3 weeks, for the developed male sacs to open up and produce yellow-like pollen. Tap the male sacs on a smooth surface to collect the pollen. Use the collected pollen immediately or preserve it in a freezer.

How to make colloidal silver at home

You can make colloidal silver by passing a current from pure silver electrodes through distilled water. Don’t worry- this is just the simple electrolysis you learned in school. Although purified water is a poor conductor of electricity, enough is passed to form micro silver ionization and silver particles. That sounds technical, but it’s effortless.

What you need

  • a 9-12 volts power adapter
  • electrical wire
  • distilled water
  • 99% pure silver
  • A ppm meter
  • A small alligator

The process

Strip each end of the wire and make sure you set the adapter between 9-12 volts. Connect the alligator at one end of each, then fix the wires on the unplugged adapter. Then you can put a piece of silver on each clip and add water. Remove the electrodes from the water after 20 minutes and test with a ppm meter. If it reads 15ppm and above, you’re good to go. Don’t expose your colloidal silver and preferably store it in an amber-tinted bottle. Don’t store it in the fridge.

You can also purchase weed seeds at pocket-friendly costs. Our marijuana seeds for sale are certified and have a 100% germination guarantee success rate.

Pollinating another female plant

You can use the pollen to pollinate another female plant that has been flowering for about 14-21 days. Although you can pollinate the same plant as the original, it’s not advisable because of the timing difference. Pollinating buds long after the flowering stage could result in reduced seed production. Pollinating a different plant from the original will give the new plant enough time to develop to maturity. It also increases the number of seeds produced and the random genetic diversity.

After pollination, wait for six weeks to harvest your seeds. You will know it’s time to gather your feminized marijuana seeds when they start busting out.

Feminizing seeds through Rodelization

Rodelization occurs when female marijuana pollinates themselves. In a nutshell, it is when the female cannabis plants fail to get pollinated. When the female marijuana plants are close to the last phase of their development cycle, they will grow male sacs and sell-pollinate.

Although Rodelization is a natural way of acquiring marijuana seeds, it doesn’t use chemicals like gibberellic acid and colloidal silver. The process has a high probability of producing hermaphroditic plants. Hermaphrodite plants can pollinate your entire garden, thus ruining your marijuana harvest. Therefore, we highly recommend that you don’t use this method to feminize your seeds.

Growing feminized plants

Handle your sativa seeds as you would with any other type of seed from the seedbed to the flowering and harvesting stage. Make sure you pay attention to your plants. You can set up a separate flower space to grow a small number of plants to let your common space continuously produce yields.

Plants grown from feminized seeds are homozygous. Homozygosity increases the recessive or dominant characteristics of the parents. That means that the plant will amplify both desirable and undesirable traits of the parents.

Just as with the regular cannabis seeds produced from cross-pollination, you need to grow several plants to select the best to use for future breeding.


With this information, you’re just a step away from making and growing feminized marijuana seeds. You’ll soon realize that making weed seeds wasn’t as challenging as you thought. Buy marijuana seeds from us and forget the moments fake seeds from scammers bogged you down.


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