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According to me, chatting is much more comfortable and exciting than having a conversation in real life. 72 % of the public prefers to talk through chat because it’s the best idea to pass the time if you are getting bored.

Everyone knows that to impress another one, talking style is one of the ways which defines impact of our personality on other ones. Meanwhile, if we are chatting with someone, many things matter and affect our conversation, like the way of starting your discussion, topic, manner of presenting text, response, etc.

Sometimes little conversation makes the time pleasant and remembers for a lifetime; on the other hand, an extensive discussion can make the time miserable and endless period. It all depends on the way of talking and the impression which you are laying down on another one by answering him.

Occasionally an awkward silence occurred within your conversation and left you as drained and confused during a chat with your friend. It happened most of the time, but don’t worry, there are some tips you need to know to make an in-depth discussion and chat with your friend.

So move on, try to learn some tips to make your chat interesting and impressive like never before.

Start with a simple and exciting topic

Always try to start your conversation with a simple topic and inspiring, too, but your attitude matters a lot. Whether you don’t care about that person you are speaking with, give a positive response to put impression, and move on.

Begin your chat with formal Hi, and ask any question you prefer. Put some attractive lines which enhance your text glance and force another one to give a positive response.

Ask for Views

People love it when you ask to explain their own opinions, and they get interested in telling you even they become happy to keep talking with you. They also like it when someone prefers to hear their views and thinking and maintain focus as well.

Try to ask the open-ended question in which try to introduce new subjects of conversation to discuss. The item must be relative to each other and giving a chance to another one for proper responding. You can ask about current affairs, latest technology, and knowledge like family occupation, recreation, dreams, Tamil Chat Online, and their interests. Any topic you can pick to start your conversation and to make attractive as well, but try to give priority to their interests.

Make Chat boredom Free

It’s in your hand to make a blast in your chat, and likely others will enjoy talking to you. Meanwhile, if your conversation is getting bore, try to pump it up by asking questions that generally keep the conversation engaged.


Try to talk about positive things in your life, show some enthusiasm about the topic, and avoid repetitive words to gamify for your amusement.

Text personality

Present your text by enhancing their nature with smileys and emoticons, effective texting styles, exclamations marks, and monotones replies. Try to avoid sending one-word texts like Hmm, ok, cool, which makes more irritating other people to respond.

Humorous lines make your conversations interesting and glossy, so you must try to throw some amusing things like pictures, stickers, animations, pictures with sounds, and gif.

Be More Interesting

The conversation structure must look interesting by keeping the chat balanced. Chat must contain fascinating facts, sentimental moments, and few laughs, random and off the wall texts.

Take short breaks if you chat regularly, which keeps you to pocked with other’s life and let them miss you. Give them some space to respond to you first; I know it’s funny! But it will work.

Moreover, expanding the store of stories and opinions makes your conversations exciting and become large. You can either use different online chatting apps, there are a couple of good chatting apps available including Tamil Chatting App.


Attractive and impressive words are the best way to make chat exciting and to get engaged with others. Try to encourage him, realize your value, bring happiness into their life, make memories, engage them in to exciting events, at times to sum up the things to stay in touch.

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