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The world is passing through one of the most difficult times of its history due to the coronavirus. It has forced people to stay confined to their homes, which is also crucial for their safety. However, staying productive and busy during this time is quite important to come out stronger.

Workshops, which were an important means of knowledge sharing and skill development, have been halted nowadays. However, now is also the time to make use of technology in the best possible manner by arranging virtual events? Countries like the UAE are significantly contributing to this initiative, as a huge number of organizations are practicing it.

This article aims to shed light on tips and ways to make online workshops engaging and interesting for the attendees.

Top 6 Tips to Boost Participant Engagement in Online Workshops

The world population was quite busy before the pandemic hit it. Quite a few online workshops were organized to provide hassle-free learning opportunities to interested people. Such workshops are becoming more popular and productive during COVID-19, as people have plenty of time to learn, which not being able to leave their homes.

The following are some of the most important tips to boost participant engagement in online workshops.

1.     Do Not Stick to Traditional Presentation

The very first tip of making online workshops engaging and interesting is to ditch the traditional presentation system. It would be better if you make it a rule for your virtual events. Try to keep the format semiformal, as the working conditions are quite different.

The traditional presentation system is losing its popularity because it is quite predictable. Use some new method ore strategies to boost the interest of attendees. Most of the organizations acquire the services of event companies to keep their presentations unique and updated.

2.     Make Your Backdrop Interesting

Another tip, which you should practice as a rule in your online workshops is to make your backdrop interesting. Remember the fact that your online audience can only get a limited view of your background, so make sure that it is most relevant to your agenda or objectives.

You can include little posters or related quotes in your background. If your online workshop is related to arts, you can include the supplies, related art pieces, and other tins that provide crucial insight into the subject. Do whatever you want, but it should be related to your workshop in any way.

3.     Play Some Games

There is no doubt that online workshops can involve a variety of distractions. It is your responsibility to minimize their impact and keep some creative activities at hand to boost the engagement level of your attendees.

An important tip of ensuring participant engagement is to include some games in your online workshop. You can make groups of two to three people in your live workshop event and give some kind of challenge related to the subject or objectives of your online workshop.

4.     Include Story Telling

Another interesting and most efficient way of boosting the engagement of participants in the online workshops is to include storytelling in your format. Stories offer significant inspirations and lessons to the listeners, so utilize it as your ultimate weapon.

An important strategy of including it in your online workshops is that it does not give the whole story in one go. Present the introduction of the story in the first few minutes, then share little detail after every few minutes. Conclude the workshop by sharing the end of the story, which will keep the attendees hooked.

5.     Keep the Workshop Short

Another crucial tip to make the workshops interesting for the virtual attendees is to keep it short. Generally, the workshops are hours-long events, which continue for a few days. Sticking to the screen of their laptops might not be feasible for the people in quarantine.

You should be ready to accommodate more and more people. So, keep the time short and flexible. You can also take the opinion and feedback of people at the end and then adjust your time frames according to suggestions.

6.     Offer Virtual Recognition

One of the most important tips for boosting the engagement of attendees in your online workshops is to offer virtual recognition. The major purpose of participating in such activities is recognition. If you do not offer that, people might lose interest in it.

You might be struggling with ways to do it. However, you can acquire the help of event companies in Dubai and ensure to get creative and distinctive strategies of offering virtual recognition to your attendees. You can also get valuable support in a number of other endeavors.

Organize more online workshops to keep people busy!

Now is the time of taking care of each other and looking after them. Organizations have greater responsibility on their shoulders, and online workshops are a healthy solution for fulfilling this responsibility.

Help people learn something new instead of panicking about the situation. Consult the professionals and acquire expert support in the time of need.


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