Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

We are living in a challenging technology landscape that has thrown up a mix of surprises in the last five years or so. With more and more instances of data breach and cyber hacking reported every quarter, things are turning murkier for data privacy regulators. In a clear observation, regulators have failed to guarantee data privacy to consumers – though, billions of dollars as penalties have been levied on the companies that breached data laws.

Endorsing the thought of digital privacy becoming the single-largest disruptor in the technology market, here is how you could make a cut into the business analytics roles in the coming years.

Trillions Invested; But Billions Lost to…

Cyber criminals and penalties— this is according to all leading ITOps and risk assessment analysis.

When Salesforce acquired Tableau and Google signed acquisition deal with Looker, the market was hyped to show how important Business Data Analysis is to all unicorn companies today. In less than a year of these deals, analysts have realized that trillions were invested in the industry that was always at risk of being inflicted with cybercrimes and data hacks.

According to a report, in the US alone, a company loses $8.2 million per year to data breach. By 2024, the data breach would cost US companies $300 billion!

Get Certified with the Next-Gen Analytics

Purpose-build self-service data management architecture to handle data breach and restoration help companies automate and ease the enterprise governance within minutes.

According to a leading business analytics certification provider, modern architecture involve learning about these stacks:

  • Enterprise Security and Governance
  • BI and Visualization Server
  • SearchIQ and RDBMS
  • AI Search Engine
  • In-memory calculation engine
  • Distributed architecture
  • Data connectors and API

Data Quality Management Biggest Trend in Business Analytic Market

According to a survey, Business Application Research Center (BARC) reported that ‘data Quality Management’ and data discovery would be the biggest and most disruptive trends in the industry.

Efficient data collection, coupled with Big data intelligence, AI and machine learning automation to churn quality intelligence help to construct a positive realm in the business analytics. Top business analytics certification courses are covering Data Quality Management topics to train professionals apply for roles in leading data aggregation companies.

Competing or Collaborating: Role of Open Source Community

New open source disruptors such as Python, R, Rust, Open Stack and so on – these are mega-disruptors in the tech world. Today, Business Analytics certifications are relying on open source community to train professionals with terms like “XaaS” – “Anything as a Service”. Together with trained professionals and open source talent, this ecosystem attracts big companies as well.

For example, The OpenStack Foundation is backed by top investors and companies that enable open source collaborators to test their applications on live platforms. The future of Cloud Computing is much shinier and stable than it has originally prevailed.

In the coming months, you would hear more about Accelerated Computing in Business Analytics. Get prepared. 



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