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If you are a soccer punter, your goal will be to win every time you place a bet. That is not possible without seeking professional help. And that help is available in the form of most accurate football predictions. So if you want to make winning predictions like the experienced tipsters, you should know how they come up with those predictions.

Key Factors

Some of the most important factors that are taken into account by experienced tipsters on accurate football predictions sites include the following:

  • Form of both teams
  • Form of key players
  • Player injuries, bans or suspensions
  • Home/away game records
  • Change in management
  • Mid-week other higher or lower league commitments
  • Team news
  • Head to head record

Experienced tipsters will evaluate all these and many other factors to pick bets for each match. All the information is studied and then betting predictions are created in a way that you can use to place bets.

A betting prediction will typically have the following:

  • Match betting tip
  • First goalscorer prediction
  • Correct score tip

You can also find additional betting markets predictions. All this information is supported by odds.

Points to Keep in Mind

If you want to come up with football betting tips of the day like an expert, you will have to do much more than learn about the factors involved. You should also keep the following points in mind:

  • It is important to consider each and every factor that you think is going to have an impact on a match. This also includes factors like the day of the week and the weather.
  • Always remember that there is nothing like a safe bet. Avoid the temptation to place a big stake on low-odd bets.
  • Consider value bets because they can help you make some big profits.
  • Never bet on a club just because you like them.

How to Predict Match Outcomes?

Many times there are factors that influence a side that is expected to perform well or win. These factors can affect their performance, giving you the chance to bet on the other side. There are certain factors that keep getting updated on a weekly basis. For example:

  • Home/away forms
  • Upcoming other league matches

Such common factors can negatively affect a team’s performance. So they are taken into account when calculating the odds.


Motivation is also an important factor, but it cannot be quantified. Experienced tipsters make sure to consider motivation and team spirit when coming up with the most accurate football predictions.

  • If it is a big match, it is going to motivate players more than other matches
  • Many times smaller or technically weaker teams can defeat big teams just because they are highly motivated
  • At times a side may have a lot more to gain or lose from a match
  • There may be a promotion or relegation on the cards


If a side has a new coach, they are highly likely to perform better. They can deliver better performance than earlier in their first few matches. Teams with new coaches tend to focus on impressing the new team member.

Key Player Absence

The most accurate football predictions also take into account the absence of key players. Any illnesses, injuries, or player suspensions should also be evaluated when making predictions.

  • If the squad strength is reduced, it can also affect the team’s performance
  • Sometimes, key team members are important for delivering consistent performance during a season


As already mentioned, weather can also be an important factor at times for making football betting tips of the day. For example, the weather can make it much difficult to play during the winter months. This is especially the case with the EPL. It often happens that smaller sides can record shock wins. The bigger sides can often be seen to lose points during the harsh winters.

Weather is now becoming an increasingly bigger factor for accurate football predictions sites. This is because many clubs now have foreign players who are used to playing in warmer climates. They cannot perform at their peak when they play during the winter months.

There are many more factors that go into making winning predictions. So make sure to take all these factors into account when making football betting tips of the day.

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