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Undoubtedly, there is no other activity that children would love more than playing with the toys. They are always eager to get some toys and play with them. There are various kinds of american made toy available in the market. You can buy them for your kids.

If we talk about vinyl toys, you can consult a vinyl toy manufacturer. However, making toys and especially the vinyl toys on your own can be greatly helpful for you. In this way you can provide your children with a variety of vinyl toys as per their interests.

You can make a vinyl toy by following the simple procedure as mentioned below.

1-Collect the material:

The first step is to collect the materials required for the manufacturing of your vinyl toy. Major things that you will need while manufacturing a vinyl toy are given below.

Acrylic paints


3D printer 


Krylon matte finish spray

Music concept on an wooden background Free Photo

2-Inspiration for design:

After collecting the material, what you need to do is get inspiration for the design of vinyl toy you are going to make. It is necessary to keep in mind the interest if your children. You need to select the design that your child will love to play with.

For example, you can go for the characters of cartoons. The reason behind selecting the cartoon characters is that the majority of children love to watch different types of cartoons. And they will certainly be happy to see the character of their favorite cartoon serial in front of them.

So, ask your child which cartoon character he or she likes and start making design of that cartoon character.

3-Make the design:

After taking inspiration for design, start making that design. There are various tools available for making a design. You can use any of them to model the 3D design of your required toy. 

After modeling the design, you can customize and decorate your 3D model of the toy as per your taste. For this purpose, you will need an illustrator. While choosing the color and tone of the toy, you can ask children for their choice in this regard. It will obviously make them happy.

Once you have successfully made the design of your toy, you can proceed to the next step and that is 3D printing.

4-3D printing and applying primer:

Once you have made the design and you are happy with it, you can 3d print that design. Many of the 3d printers are available in the market. You can use the one you feel comfortable with. Similar is the case of material used for the 3D printing.

After 3D printing your toy design, apply a white primer on it. Applying the primer is necessary just because you will need to color it with acrylic paints and these paints require a white finish for their proper working.

5-Acrylic painting:

In this step, what you are required to do is paint the 3D model of your toy with acrylic paints using paint brushes. After coloring the 3D model of your toy with the colors of your own choice, it necessary to give a permanent finish to your toy.

Because the acrylic colors are not durable and there ate chances of their getting removed. So, spray the whole toy with Krylon matte finish which will make the color last longer.


Making acrylic toys on your own is really an amazing idea. It helps you provide your children with the toys they love to play with. 

If you want to make vinyl toys for your children, there can be no other way better and easier than that mentioned above. Through this procedure, you can make a vinyl toy design of your own choice including the toys like cartoon characters as well as globe for kids.

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