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Anytime you hear you need a surgical procedure done, it can be very nerve-wracking. The recovery time after the surgery is completed is also daunting because it usually comes with some form of rehabilitation. Perhaps no type of surgery sounds more frightening than open-heart surgery

People have to go under the knife for heart procedures for a variety of reasons. Sometimes people have heart attacks or other cardiac problems requiring this type of surgery. These procedures can make it hard for people to stay positive if they start becoming more unhealthy. 

Family should be there for those who are struggling with anxiety or depression because of their health. We’ll talk about how positive support systems are just one way to move forward after having open heart surgery. We’ll also cover some of the physical and emotional things you can do to recover and go over whether you can still get life insurance. 

Go to Your Follow-Up Appointments 

When you have open-heart surgery, it’s just as important to prepare for what comes after the surgery as what comes before. You need to listen to your surgeon and your regular doctor about what types of rehabilitation you will be doing. 

Not everybody will be the same. Patients may need more time to rest. The baseline for recovery is at least two months for most people, but this could differ depending on a variety of factors. Trying to lift heavy objects could tear open the stitches where the incisions were placed. 

Your doctor will sometimes refer you to a physical therapist if they think you need help with regaining strength after the surgery. Listen to what your physical therapist tells you to do, and don’t skip appointments. It can be tough to be dedicated to a strict regimen when you’re tired and upset about your condition, so stay around people who will encourage you to go. 

Stay Around Your Family

Your general well-being and your mental health are also big contributors to having a full recovery. Try to do things you enjoy when you are sitting at home. Just like during lockdowns during the pandemic, recovery from surgery gives you the opportunity to discover new hobbies. 

Catch up on movies and video games you’ve wanted to play. Invite your friends over to the house so you can stay emotionally connected to the people who care about you. Far too often, people isolate themselves when they are at home recovering from illness or surgery, and this could really damage your state of mind. 

Try to talk to other family members who have had health problems or surgeries in the past. Sometimes hearing other people’s stories helps you handle what’s going on in your life. We all need people we love to lean on, even if they can’t empathize with us entirely. See what others can do to keep your mind off of the recovery during your downtime. 

Prepare for Being Away From Work 

Sometimes the thing we worry about the most is how we are going to keep making money during the recovery process of surgery. Not all jobs have extended sick leave or medical exemptions for the length of time it takes to recover from open-heart surgery. You need to talk to human resources and your employer beforehand so you know how to prepare. 

See if your company will give you more hours in the time leading up to the surgery, or perhaps immediately after you recover. Gather some money in your savings so you know there’s enough to fall back on when there isn’t a paycheck coming in. 

Remote workers may get a little more convenience during this time in their life. If you’re already experienced with doing your job from home, then this should be business as usual. If not, ask your company if they will go to a hybrid model or a temporary remote schedule for you during your recovery. 

If you’re a freelancer or sole proprietor, you have a little more leeway with how you prepare for your absence. You can take on more work in the months leading up to the surgery. You can also do your job from your home, and you don’t have anyone telling you when and whether you can go back to work. 

Get Life Insurance for Your Family

When you have open-heart surgery, you may worry you don’t have as much time left to live as before. Whether this is a correct assumption depends on if you work on staying healthy all year round after your operation. You may think about getting life insurance for your family, and there are still companies that will give you a policy if your surgery was successful.

Make sure you’re doing everything in your power to stay healthy and recover. Going to your doctor’s appointments and exercising is an ideal way to show insurance companies you want to live a long time. This doesn’t guarantee you will get a policy, but it helps your case. 

You can also get a guaranteed life insurance policy that doesn’t require a physical examination. You will get a life insurance policy for a set price if you don’t get an exam. Decide if the money a guaranteed life insurance policy costs is worth it. It really depends on whatever personal situation you and your family are in. 

Hopefully, you can see having open-heart surgery doesn’t have to be the scariest event in the world. There is a path forward after the operation, both at home and at work. Plan ahead and think about all the joyous occasions you will get to experience again after you are healthy.

Without the surgery, you have a higher risk of dying. The operation should be seen as a positive event, not a negative one. Keep this mindset and you are more likely to succeed after the operation. 

Shawn Laib writes and researches for the insurance comparison site, He wants to help people understand how to recover from medical procedures like open heart surgery. 

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