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The UK is still one of the most popular countries for people to want to move to for permanent or long term settlement. The motive behind wanting to move to the UK is different for every person as the UK has something to offer for everyone. Some people may be simply fascinated by the culture or history of the UK and would love to be a part of it. For others, it may be the outstanding educational institutions or the desire to learn and perfect their English language skills. Moreover, many people choose the UK as it can offer them and their family a stable life with trustworthy and free healthcare, an abundance of career opportunities and paths, and a relatively safe and trouble-free place to live in. 

Population of the UK

The population of the UK is extremely diverse due to the long history of immigration, especially in its main cities such as London, Edinburgh and Manchester. This in turn makes it easier for new immigrants to settle as they can connect with others who have been through similar experiences. In addition, the UK’s proximity to Europe is a huge advantage, as it provides easy and cheap access to a huge selection of European destinations, and has always been a great host for European travelers and immigrants. This makes the UK a prominent hub of cultural diversity. 

There are countless employment opportunities in the UK, especially for skilled workers, and the UK is known for sourcing skilled labour from overseas. A skilled individual who is seeking work in the UK should have no difficulty gaining access to employment in the UK as long as their paperwork is in order. The UK has recently introduced a new Skilled Worker Visa, which came into effect on the 1st of December 2020, and it replaced the Tier 2 General Visa. The requirements for this visa are less stringent compared to the previous one. This new visa is based upon a new points-based system, where the applicant has to achieve a minimum of 70 points via a combination of requirements such as education, english language, employer sponsorship, adequate salary and more. 

Business in the UK

Any individual of any nationality can start a business in the UK, which is why the UK has always attracted entrepreneurs from all over the world. The highly competitive yet lucrative British market is a magnet for those who want to invest in themselves and their own business. The UK promotes this by offering a relatively straightforward visa route known as the Innovator visa. This was introduced in March 2019, and replaced the tier 1 entrepreneur visa, with the purpose of accommodating to more established businesspeople. The individual applying must meet certain criteria and provide all necessary documents to demonstrate the business idea, and most importantly prove that the idea will be original and innovative. Furthermore, the individual must prove they have the necessary skill and knowledge to adequately run a business. The business plan must also show the potential it has for growth and job creation for the UK and the international market.

Having the correct guidance from expert immigration lawyers is vital in preparing a faultless application for the visa an individual requires to enter the UK. This will reduce the chances of an application being rejected and will also come in handy if any problems arise along the way. Applying for the incorrect visa and failing to provide the correct documents and evidence are the most reasons for an application to be rejected. It can become very costly and stressful if an individual has to deal with these matters without professional help. 


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