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Opening an Account with Aron Groups Is as Easy as a Few Clicks

To make transactions in the forex market, first of all, you need an intermediary called a broker. The role of a broker in your forex activity is to provide you with a platform to buy and sell currencies and tradable instruments in the forex market. You can easily start your transactions and earn money in Aron Groups broker in four steps (registration, authentication, investment, and start of transactions). In this article, we are going to walk you through how to register and earn bonuses in Aron Groups Broker.

How to Open an Account with the Aron Groups

The business history of the Aron Groups is 3 years considering that it has been operating since 2020. In three years, Aron Groups has provided the opportunity for all users to experience online transactions in global markets by providing more trading tools with its successful performance in the online trading market and ensuring the satisfaction of more than 10,000 traders.

To open an account in Aron Groups broker, after entering the main page of the Aron Groups site, enter the account opening section, enter your information and click on the continue icon, enter the confirmation code sent to your email. To verify the identity and complete the registration, Aron Groups broker, like other brokers, needs a valid ID card and address confirmation. This broker has provided 4 different types of trading accounts for different types of traders, which are explained below.

Standard Account

This type of account is for professionals and experts in trading and some of the best investment conditions are included in this account. The minimum required deposit is 50 dollars or equivalent. The trading leverage in this account is 1:300 and it is possible to trade international symbols. Also, 5% annual interest is added to your account balance.

VIP Account

This type of account is for people who do high-volume transactions. Also, to preserve more capital, the trading leverage has been reduced to 1:200 in this account. The minimum deposit for this account is 1000 dollars or its equivalent. In this account, an annual interest of 10% is added to your account balance.

Nano Account

People who have little capital can use the Aron Groups’ Nano account. The minimum deposit in this account is 1 dollar or its equivalent. Leverage 1:500 is provided and there is no annual interest in this account. International symbols are swap-free and commissions only for Bitcoin, gold, and euro transactions are not charged.

Cash Account

This account is suitable for people who keep their transactions open for a long time. The probability of a margin call or account balance becoming zero in this type of account is low. The minimum deposit in this account is 500 dollars or its equivalent. The dollar leverage is 1:1. Also, 2% annual dollar interest is added to your account balance. It is necessary to mention that the swap and commission received for the accounts in the cash account are variable and based on the market conditions, and the swap will be deducted on all days of the week.

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Aron Groups’ Bonuses

Aron Groups has planned incentives and bonuses for its users. These can be considered as an advertising plan as well as help and support to the customer. According to the interests of its traders, Aron Group has chosen a type of bonus to provide as many comfort facilities as possible for the benefit of its traders. Aron Group sets and announces rules for providing these bonuses. Currently, 4 types of bonuses are offered by Aron Groups broker, which are described below.

Welcome bonus

In the Welcome Bonus plan, all traders who have recently registered with Aron Group Broker will receive a 25% gift bonus for their first deposit. Old accounts that have not made any transactions or deposits can receive this bonus, too. Traders can use the welcome bonus by depositing at least $25. This bonus is a “losable credit” that will be automatically removed if the stop-out level is reached. This plan was previously known as Aron Groups No Deposit Bonus, which now has new conditions.

Supporting Negative Accounts Bonus

In the Supporting Negative Accounts plan, the traders who have lost their balance and have become gross margins are supported. In this way, these traders will receive a 20% losable bonus from the broker in their next deposit. The noteworthy point is that the bonus amount cannot be greater than the trader’s loss and the ceiling of this bonus is up to $5,000. Traders can use this bonus by depositing at least $100.

Infinity Bonus

In the Infinity Bonus plan, every trader, whether old or new, who directly deposits an amount in their Nano, standard, or VIP accounts, will receive a 10% losable bonus. The deposit must be made directly to one of the 3 accounts, and the deposit to the wallet and transfer between wallet and trading accounts will not be included in this offer. The ceiling of this bonus is up to $1,500. Traders can use this bonus by depositing at least $25.

Rock and Roll Bonus

In the Rock and Roll Bonus plan, the Aron Groups offers 3 symbols every month with the lowest spread, commission, and zero swap. The accounts that can use this plan are standard, cash, and VIP. The 3 symbols change every month and are announced by the broker at the beginning of the month.

Trading with Aron Groups Is Your Gateway to Forex Profitability

Aron Groups provide access to more than 400 trading instruments with minimal commissions, spreads, and swaps, as well as various trading levers. Therefore, you can start trading in Forex and become a successful trader and earn profit with 24-hour support. Complete information on the trading method of Aron’s Broker, market rates, and resumes of Aron’s Group’s broker managers are all transparently included on the Aron’s Group website and are available to everyone so that customers can invest without worry and with confidence.

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