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If you are looking for a place to hide the surplus of items that you have in the house, you might want to consider your kitchen sinks. And you do not have to spend much. With kitchen sinks cheap organization ideas, you can make your home more organized and tidier at the same time. Read more to know about ways to maximize the space under the sink. 

Use hooks to organize your towels and wipe cloths

One of the easiest ways to use the space under the kitchen sink is by installing hooks on the kitchen sink doors and even under the countertop. Because you are just hanging towels and wiping cloths, you do not need to install hooks with screws. You only have to buy adhesive hooks that can still carry a big load. The hooks under the kitchen sink will make your towels and washing gloves very accessible to you. You do not have to run around and look for towels and gloves around the kitchen to finish cleaning and wiping the plates, utensils, and other kitchen items. You have your gloves and towels under the area where you need them. 

Use a rod or dowel to organize the trash bags

Another kitchen sinks cheap organization tip that you can use is the dowel or rod trick. Instead of having your trash bag kept in the drawer somewhere in the kitchen, you can have a rod installed under the sink. You can just place the roll and get a portion of it when you need it. You can actually buy curtain rods that are very short in length and small in diameter. They are convenient to use on small rolls like trash bags. You also do not have to put screws on the side of the for less effort. You just have to loosen the rod until the ideal length is achieved.

Use it as storage for your spice rack

If you only have limited space under the kitchen sink, you can use it as an ideal spice rack storage. You just get a small cabinet that fits the space under the sink as well as hooked racks which you can place on the sink door. You can also use labels so that it will be easier for a guest in the kitchen to identify the spices that are available in your storage. Get as many spices available which can fit inside your rack. Make sure also to check regularly to see which spices need replacement. 


Put small trash bins 

You can maximize the area under the kitchen sink by putting trash bins for your countertop garbage. You must use three or more trash bins for different garbage that are thrown. You also need to put a label on each one so that you can easily sort the trash out. 


It is very important to maximize your living space especially if you have a small home. The space under your kitchen sink is one area that you could maximize so that you can keep your house clean as well as organize the items that you have. Take note of the suggestions and tips listed above so that you can put all the necessary products and home tools under kitchen sinks cheap and without spending too much money. 

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