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When you log in to your online casino invoice and navigate to the ligajago class, you will numerous likely see at least two options.

American and European ligajago are the two most famous options, though you might encounter a few other options, including French ligajago, as well.

Above these major variations, the only other differences you might experience will be variations in the graphics or the game experience.

For example, my online casino offers a “classic” interpretation and a regular version of both European and American ligajago.

The “classic” varieties show the wheel and table on one screen, while the regular version shows the grassland and the reel on two separate meshes slot online.

As long as you include a choice, you should always choose European ligajago.

I am going to explain how each version of ligajago is different from the others and why there are additional variations in the first place.

More importantly, you ought to understand how those differences impact your odds of winning to choose the type that benefits you the most.

Let’s start with the American version of roulette.

Gamblers have existed playing roulette since the 1700s when Blaise Pascal invented the everyday roulette wheel. At that time, the only version was what is now known as American roulette.

The original roulette wheel had thirty-eight spaces numbered zero to thirty-six, with another double-naught space.

Your objective is to predict which space the white ball will land on when the wheel stops turning บาคาร่า.

Casinos get their mathematical advantage in roulette because of the zero spaces. If it lived for the zero spaces, both the red/black and odd/even betting options would have a fifty-fifty chance of succeeding.

The zeroes are green and do not count as odd or even. So, rather than a fifty percent chance of winning, the player has approximately a forty-seven percent chance.

It might seem like a small portion, but that is how the casino makes a profit. Every time the player loses, the casino wins.

Over thousands of rounds with thousands of players, each small win for the casino adds up to thousands of dollars.

Online ligajago Options

Internet gambling owns opened up a whole lot of chances because there are hundreds of online casinos that are all vying for a relatively small group of customers.

All of the online casinos battle to come up with new options and better choices for their clients. As a mark, new forms of roulette have surfaced.


ligajago is a fantastic casino game because it offers so many options in a game that is politely easy to learn. The three variations of ligajago do not affect how you recreate the game, which makes it easier to understand. Once you know how to play one version of roulette, you much know how to play them all.

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