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If you want to learn the easiest variant of poker, consider No-Limit Texas Hold’em. Not only does it have simple rules, but this poker version is quite rewarding and fun. Besides, it is one of the most popular poker variants. No matter which brick and mortar or online casino you choose, you will find many Texas Hold’em tables.

Texas Hold’em is played with a deck of 52 cards at a table that seats 2-10 players. The interesting part about poker is that it can be played with thousands of players at one table, especially if you play the tournament format. Texas Hold’em attracts high rollers because of its no-betting limit.

Poker might be a simple game, but learning the hand ranking terms can be a little challenging for beginners. These terms include Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Royal Flus, Two-pair, High Card, Pair, and so on. The best way to learn this table game is by watching players play poker online. Still, you are going to have to memorize the poker hand rankings before you step up to the poker table.

The Basics of Poker for Beginners

Each player gets two cards (face down). The person sitting next to the dealer, on the left, starts the round. They could either place a bet or check (take no action). If the player places a bet, here is what other players can do:

  • Call: You can place a bet of the same amount as your previous player. Suppose the player on the dealer’s left placed a bet of $30, you could Call and bet $30.
  • Fold: If you don’t think you can get a poker hand, your safest bet is to fold. In poker, “fold” refers to giving up the hand and the money in the pot. Make sure that you can’t rejoin a poker table after folding. If you fold your hand at the beginning of the round, you don’t lose anything. However, if you have put chips in the pot, then all this money will be left for the active players to win.
  • Raise: Players can raise the bet by throwing in more chips than the previous player.

The game ends when players at the poker table have no more chips left.

As soon as the first round is over, the dealer puts community cards on the table. Also known as flops, any player can take these cards. The second round begins and each player gets a chance to call, raise, and fold. The dealer, then, deals the fourth card on the board. Basically, each player gets only two face-down cards in the first round and 3 face-up cards are dealt in the second and third betting rounds. The fifth card is known as the river and it is the last chance for players to either raise the bet or fold their cards.

Players who don’t fold their cards till the end will be asked to show their hand. The player with the highest hand ranking wins the game and takes all the chips.

Learning the basics of poker is one thing and winning the game is another. Unlike the standard casino table games, poker is all about strategies and your experience. Do not take a seat at the poker table until you are familiar with the hand ranking terms and the player’s actions.

One of the common mistakes the beginners are likely to make is “calling a lot”. As tempting as it sounds, too many calls can get you into trouble especially if you are playing against 10-15 players.

Position Matters in Poker

In poker, the dealer deals the cards in a particular order and the players are supposed to take actions in the same order.  After the cards are dealt, the player sitting on the dealer’s left will take an action. As a rule of thumb, it is best to take the right seat to the dealer. This will give you enough time to decide your action based on what other players do. The pot size will depend on the last player’s bet.

If you are new to poker, select a table with 2-5 opponents. The lesser the players at a poker table, the higher are the winning odds.

Play a Demo

Poker is learned with practical experience. You can read all the books and guides you want, but you are going to have to play a few hands to learn tricks like bluffing. Start with the demo rounds to see how the cards are dealt and Turn and River are used.

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