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A construction site is an attractive target for thieves and vandals. The expensive equipment can make a lot of money on the black market and bare walls are the perfect canvas for graffiti art. This can cost a lot of money to the investor and cause delay of works until the damage is assessed and taken care of.

If you properly secure your construction Surveillance site, you may be able to prevent this from happening or at least minimize it. Let’s see what you can do!  

Create an entry point

The key to creating an organized construction site is to make sure everyone knows where the entry point is. This is a place where you can install a guard booth and allow entrance only to people with proper credentials. By doing this, you will give access to equipment, building material, worker’s facilities, vehicles, and the structures only to authorized personnel.

Additionally, you can create a list of visitors for the guards with daily updates for inspectors, suppliers, insurance agents, and other occasional visitors. Moreover, barricade the rest of the site so that leaves the entry point as the only way in and out. 

Live the lights on

There’s one simple trick you can use to stop the intruders — leave the lights on after work hours. Most thefts and break-ins happen during the night when there aren’t people around. Not turning off the lights can tell the unwanted visitors that your employees are there and working.

Also, the lights make the area visible especially if you are doing construction in a populated area where residents can easily spot some suspicious activities. Installing a motion detector that will turn on all the lights may be a good idea if you want to spend less electricity and save on the power bill. Just keep in mind that this solution works best when paired with other security measures at your construction site. 

Assign security responsibilities to employees


The way your employees behave can also properly secure your construction site. Before you start working on the projects, inform all personnel of their responsibilities that will increase their safety and security at the property.

For example, they shouldn’t leave the keys in the vehicles and ensure to lock their doors after use. Tools and equipment should be stored in a safe space, like the onsite storage containers. The same applies to materials, chemicals, and any other sensitive objects that can cause financial and property damages, but also injuries.

Use appropriate signage

Signage is a perfect way to send a message to unauthorized personnel who deliberately or accidentally is about to enter your construction site. Custom corflute signs are one of the most common ways to provide information to visitors and intruders. Corflute is a type of Polypropylene sheet that is waterproof, UV resistant, and can last for a couple of years. 

Another thing important besides the material of your signage is its content. Ensure that message on your signs is clear and understandable, as well as visible. Include everything important for the public to know for their safety and the security of your project.

Install surveillance system

A surveillance system should be a must-have at the construction site since it allows the best way to observe all weak points. CCTV and alarms are the basic addition to the security plans, but you should also consider hiring guards that will keep an eye on things and react at the sign of trouble.

Establishing contact with local police can ensure more frequent patrols of the area, especially during the night. Hiring a security company may be a costly option, but it can give you everything you need in one place, from people to surveillance equipment.

Fence your construction site

One of the ways to limit access to your construction site is by raising a fence around it. This is a safety measure that can protect passers-by and other assets nearby, like cars. A fence works as an unspoken border that says “no trespassing” and tells people to stay clear of that area.

Of course, those persistent intruders can jump over the fence or cut it open, so it’s best not to rely only on this security resource. Sometimes, the fence can be electrically charged and shock anyone who touches it. However, this may require approval from authorities and it’s not a good idea for densely populated neighborhoods. Furthermore, make sure that all parts of the fence have a sign that informs people of the danger from electrical current when touched.

Final thoughts

Properly securing your construction site is one of the main responsibilities you have to your employees, the general public, and investors. Educate your workers about security, place clear signage onsite, and give access only to authorized personnel. Not only will it protect the equipment and property, but also make sure that everyone works in a safe and controlled environment.    

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