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Itchy red bites are common during summer, and sometimes we get so used to them that we almost become numb to the biting. Pain resulting from the sting may last for a few seconds but can cause some discomfort, especially to the little ones. Since the young one is vulnerable, it’s your responsibility to protect them from the painful stings.

While it may not be possible to keep the little one 100% free from bug bites, you can try to make the stings as few as possible. With a few tips here and there, you’ll be able to safeguard your baby from insect bites and save them the discomfort resulting from stings.

These simple tips will help you keep off all insects away from your young one.

Avoid Insects

The first step to keeping your baby safe from bites is by evading the insects. It’s important to know when bugs are out and hungry so that you stay away from them. Mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk, whereas flies are commonly seen in the evening or late afternoon. With this in mind, you can always keep your baby indoors during these times to protect them from hungry bugs. However, if this isn’t going to work for you, you can always dress your baby appropriately. For instance, you can have them wear clothes that fully cover their bodies alongside closed shoes.

Use Repellents

Sometimes it isn’t possible to cover the entire skin of your baby. In this case, you can choose to repel the insects instead. Repellent products can keep the insects away for many hours, and, therefore, you can apply some on the exposed areas of your baby’s skin. However, caution must be taken when using such products as some of them may not be friendly to the little one’s skin. The repellent ingredient that’s highly recommended for kids is DEET. It’s friendly to their skin and doesn’t cause any form of irritation. Even so, it should only be used on kids aged six months and above.

Use Mosquito Nets

Nets are very effective when it comes to keeping off the insects. Since they have no negative effects on the baby’s health, you can use a net instead of a repellent product. As you buy sleeping room fittings for the nursery, don’t forget to buy a net as well. If your baby is using a cot, you can get them a small net that perfectly covers the crib. If you’re sharing a bed with them, you can get a sizeable net that fully covers the bed.

Dress To Protect

One of the most effective ways of protecting your baby from insect bites is by minimizing the area of the skin exposed. Dress your baby in cotton clothing that keeps the little one’s skin aerated while still covering their body. Since some insects can bite through tight-fitting clothing, ensure you dress the little one in loose-fitting garments. Additionally, avoid dressing your baby in shorts, sleeveless tops, and skirts during bug seasons. Instead, you can have onesies for younger babies, and long pants coupled with long-sleeved tops for older ones. There’s a website for baby wear, and if you need more information on baby clothing, you can visit the website.

Bug bites can be painful and irritating. Protect your baby today to save them the pain.

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