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People lighten up the incense sticks after coming from the hectic daily routines to soothe their tiring minds. However, before going outside, going to sleep, or for long showers one must put out the incense stick to avoid calamities.

Multiple reasons are there to utilize incense in their routines like some people believe it soothes the atmosphere and mediation becomes even more effective. Incense sticks have a large presence in many religions and cultures all around the globe.

Modern aesthetics and interior designers have also played the role in making stylish and enthralling holders, stands, or mechanisms; making the incense more widely used even in offices, restaurants, and other public places.

Effective ways of putting out the incense stick:

There certainly are some effective ways of extinguishing incense sticks.

  • Water:

Water is considered the most effective and productive one when it comes to extinguishing the incense stick. The sticks can be burned by using various flammable materials. However, to put out the stick one simply needs to pour the cup of water on the burned incense stick. This can also be done put putting the burned incense in the water cup or by putting a stick under the running water tab.

Smoke from the incense does not easily smudge in air, it requires tactics. While water not only ensures the burning of the incense but also reduces the smoke flow in the environment. Water is effective for all incense styles and types like cone incense, stick incense and even foil incense.

The tip is that the incense can be reused, but one has to wait to let it dried out completely.

  • Thumb:

The people who are used to using incense in their routines might come across the point where they are lazy enough to pour some water. They simply lick their finger and thumb and put out the burned stick. They do this activity multiple times with lesser interaction with the flamed incense.

Caution is there that if you are new; it might burn your thumb or finger. So I believe it’s not worth taking the risk of burning your own hand.

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  • Rubbing in Surface:

Burned incense can easily be put out by just holding the stick and hardly rub upside down in a way that burned part is on the surface. Note that the surface should be non-flammable. One more hint is to do this as one smudges his cigarette. Solid, ashtrays, or even the holders of the incense sticks are best for such purposes.

Pouring some sand or even the already present ashes makes sure the complete extinguished stick. Make sure of doing this when the stick is still upside down on the surface.

  • Breaking out of stick:

If one wants to save the remaining stick then he must break out the enlightened part and drop it the water or some non-flammable surface.  Pouring the whole stick, cone or any type might not ignite the incense again.

If you are new to incense burning, this article might help you out to understand the reasoning to put out the incense stick.

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