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Playing poker games offline has indeed become a habit mainly done by some male populations around the world. However, with the development of poker can be played online. At this time, it was not only the male population who played this game but also the women who started to play it.

So it can be concluded that this one game has become a universal game to play. Play bandarqq is online, no longer difficult to do the wider community.

By searching you can find more web site. But the maximum website registration method almost the same. you should follow the below step to register

What should you do first in registering so that later you can play this BandarQQ game?

The first thing you have to do is press the register button on the site’s homepage shortly after you successfully enter this site.

After you press the register button, you need to wait a while until your screen display changes to several data fields that you must fill in and complete as one of the requirements. Of course, the first column you must fill is your real name.

You do this to make it easier for you to play Dominoqq later. Those of you who are hesitant to fill in this column with your real name for fear of leaking privacy or piracy. So, you can throw that thought away now because the site you chose is a site that has been used as a place to play by many parties who like and like to play poker.

Fill up the blank box.

The next thing you have to fill in is the name that you will show the public in this situation. Yes, usually, this name is called by username or username. Try to make a username that is easy to find because, through this username, you will get more friends or opponents.

So, the easier your username, the more opponents with various characters you will face in that round.


The next thing that before playing in bandarQQ is a password or password. Usually, when filling in a password, a condition is given that the password must have at least eight different characters. You must make sure the password contains capital letters, lowercase letters, and numbers or numbers. Remember to create a password that is easy but difficult to guess for you.

After confirming that you will use the password, you must re-enter or re-confirm your password. This is to prevent writing errors, capital letter differences and other minor errors that will be fatal later. Password is an important one that you will always use later in logging in every time you want to play bandarQ.

 need to fill in the number

You are almost nearing the last stage of registration here! Now you have to fill in the need to fill in the number contacted by the site you have chosen. However, now all you have to fill in on the site is an e-mail. Make sure you enter the correct e-mail because everything related to the site will be notified by e-mail to you.

confirm is to deposit

The last column that you must fill in before you confirm is to deposit or transfer some money to be used as a deposit. For you lay people or players who are still amateurs who don’t know what a deposit is in the world of gambling or poker.

After you have done the things mentioned above, you need to press the submit button, and you have successfully joined and are ready to play the games on Bandarqq online.

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