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One of the crucial tools used in dental practice is the curing light. While shopping for curing lights, you will notice that there are lots of options out there. Some are offered at heap price, others are a bit pricey. The truth is that the best models out there are expensive. That is why top-notch dental clinics prefer to buy the pricy models because they are durable, more accurate, and deliver the best value for money. 

Let’s take a closer look at Curing Lights and How to Select the Best Models for your Dental Practice.

Features of a Curing Light

It is common to see manufacturers attempting to sell curing lights with unverifiable claims. Don’t be fooled into buying a curing light based on bogus claims.  You should take the initiative to know the features of the curing light you intend to purchase.  The features to look out for include the duration of curing as well as the depth of curing. You don’t have to be an expert to carry out this research. You can simply browse to www.boomsupplies.com and view the datasheet of the curing light you want to purchase. 

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The Drawbacks of Bad Curing Light

The hazards that come with using a substandard curing light are many. For instance, it can lead to improper treatment that could worsen the health condition of a patient.  In some other cases, it would cause complications that require advanced medical procedures to correct. 

The Models You Should Buy

Presently, the LED-powered curing lights are the best product available in the market. While they carry a price tag that is higher than conventional models, the quality is quite superior.  Most of them are light and do not use cords. You will be glad about your purchase because of the value that comes with the LED curing light technology.

Our Recommendation

After testing several models of curing lights, we found the LED-LC Woodpecker to be outstanding. Some of the features include wireless technology, and the option to select between Pulse, Ramping, and Full modes when working with the curing light.  The product is shipped with high-quality batteries, so it lasts longer than products from competitors.  It won’t run out of power suddenly while using it. It also uses finger batteries. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for it to get charged before using it. 

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