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PackagingReduce Product Waste with Contract Packaging

Now more than ever, businesses all need to do their part to minimise the amount of waste they produce. The amount of single use plastic and non-recyclable goods that make their way to landfill sites and harm our environment is becoming a huge problem, so making small changes to reduce our environmental impact can go a long way.

From switching to using eco-friendly food packaging supplies to making use of your waste, we delve into some of the easiest ways that you can make a difference and become a more sustainable business.

Switching to sustainable materials

Over more recent years, the amount of options available to us is vast. With so many biodegradable, compostable and recyclable materials which can be used for packaging, switching to more eco-friendly packaging has never been easier. Some businesses are cautious that this may impact the quality of their packaging but some impressive alternatives have been created so you can reduce your environmental footprint whilst maintaining your high standards at all times.

Keep staff on the same page

Making a change isn’t always a one man job; cooperate with your employees to make a companywide difference. Running training sessions to educate your staff on the efforts you are making and how they can contribute will mean everyone works from the same page, enhancing processes across the business. Whether it is packaging orders a certain way, adjusting operation processes or switching up the transit process, make sure everyone is on board with the processes in place.

Introduce recycling facilities

Although this may seem like an obvious statement, it can be easy for people to overlook basic recycling habits when convenience is involved. If it is easier to simply throw waste into the bin rather than going out of their way to find recycling options, it is likely that busy workers will do exactly that. Make recycling bins as frequent as regular waste bins and ensure everyone is aware of what goes where, keeping all recyclable packaging separate will quickly add up.

Protect orders more sustainably

We appreciate that ensuring your orders arrive safe and sound to your customers is a number one priority but there are more ethical ways to do so. Instead of using bubble wrap or stuffing orders, make the use of your leftover paper or cardboard by running it through an industrial shredder and using it to protect goods during transit. As well as being a more environmentally friendly option, it will also save you some money!

Choosing the appropriate options

To keep packaging to a minimum, ensure you have the most suitable packaging types handy. Using large boxes for smaller orders is not only worse for the environment, but it is more expensive to buy and costs more to ship. Having a range of different sized boxes or mailing bags will mean you only have to use what is necessary, keeping materials down to a minimum. As well as this, choosing packaging to suit the order will create a more professional appearance to customers.

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