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Prescription Motorcycle Glasses

Anyone who rides a motorcycle knows about the risks that could occur as well as the level of precautions that one needs to take for safety. There is a huge amount of joy associated with riding a motorcycle but on the other hand, one also needs to keep in mind the dangers associated with it. There are certain safety tips that one needs to keep in mind before heading out with a motorcycle on the road. 

Some of the basic motorcycle safety tips that one should keep in mind are:

Always Wear A Helmet

One should never ride a motorcycle without a good quality motorcycle helmet. It has been seen that wearing a proper helmet could reduce the risk of injuries and deaths that are prevalent due to crashing incidents. 

Wear Protective Clothing

Leather gear looks pretty cool while you are out there riding a bike, but the main reason for wearing it is because of its safety purpose. Even if you met an accident, the leather clothing is durable enough to prevent injuries even from scraping asphalt. It would even be helpful to keep you warm in cold weather conditions.

Wear Prescription Motorcycle Glasses

This is considered to be the most significant protection that every motorcycle rider needs to take very seriously. It is not only important to protect your eyes from several diseases that could be caused due to exposure to the sun, but it is also very essential for keeping the debris out of your eyes, preventing possible damage to the eyes, and even keep your vision clear.

Prescription Motorcycle Goggles

While riding a motorcycle, it is important to use eyewear for protecting the eyes from debris, insects, dust particles, and also sun exposure. Wearing prescription safety glasses is considered to be an essential thing for every rider’s performance, safety, and comfort. Whenever a bike accident occurs and if the rider didn’t wear protective eyewear, the chances of eye injuries increase to a huge extent. 

For motorcycle riders, there are three basic types of protective eyewear: glasses, goggles, and visors.


Full-face visors are pretty useful to provide overall safety and also give in the most amount of coverage to your face. A helmet that consists of a 3/4th visor could also cover your eyes. The visor is helpful in protecting your eyes from the sun and cuts out the glare while riding a motorcycle. Your eyes would remain protected, but they would also cover a major portion of your face. This is the reason why motorcyclists don’t prefer wearing visors.

Prescription Motorcycle Goggles And Glasses

Special motorcycle glasses and goggles are helpful in protecting your eyes against wind, debris, and also harmful UV rays. If you are riding in towns or going for low-speed rides, then prescription sports glasses would do the work for you. But, if you regularly go for high-speed rides, then it is preferable to use protective goggles. Even motocross, ATV, and sports bike riders should prefer using goggles for eye safety. 

When it comes to prescription motorcycle glasses options for glasses and goggles, there are several options available in the market. 

Features Of Prescription Motorcycle Glasses

Scratch-Resistant And Shatter-Resistant Coating

This coating makes the lenses pretty much durable and protects against impacts along with protecting the lenses from everyday handling. The lenses could get scratched with hard-shelled insects and dust and dirt from the road, but this enhanced protection layer protects the eyes of motorcycle riders.

Ultra-Violet Rays Protection

When your eyes are exposed to the sun while riding a motorcycle, the chances of fatigue and eye damage increases a lot. With the help of polycarbonate lenses that provide 99.99% UVA/UVB protection, your eyes remain protected from such damages.

Curved Lenses

There is certain eyewear that comes with two lenses that have been connected over the nose, while some of them come with a single lens that is spanning through both eyes. A curved lens is useful in providing excellent peripheral vision along with the safety of the eyes.

Anti-Fog Coating

If there is no anti-fog coating or proper ventilation, then your lenses might get fogged and obstruct your vision. Ventilation systems are nothing but a simple system that allows the flow of air behind the eyewear and letting the heat escape. With the help of an anti-fog coating on your protective eyewear, there would be no fogging and obstruction to your vision. This is a major safety hazard as it would directly impact your visibility while riding a motorcycle. 

Foam Padding

There are certain eyeglasses that come in with foam padding around the edges of the lens and frame to prevent the airborne debris from entering your eyes while riding a motorcycle in windy or dusty environments. This is the reason why one must prefer foam-padded prescription motorcycle glasses for enhanced safety.

Riding a motorcycle is pretty much fun, but one also needs to keep in mind the safety factor. As the technology has enhanced, it has become easy for motorcyclists to choose the right pair of protective eyewear for making their rides safe and enjoyable.

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