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How to Register a Domain name for your websites

If you are looking to begin your website or online business, getting a domain name is a crucial step in that direction as it works as your website’s name. While domain registration might sound like a complex process, it is actually quite straightforward. This domain registration article will help shed light on all aspects that are involved in the process. Just follow these steps and easily register your domain to get your website going.

  • Select a domain name

In case your brand does not have a name yet, it might just be a great idea to pick a new one while choosing your domain name and ensuring it works perfectly for both. If you are still unsure of how to choose your domain name, we have compiled a list that will make the process extremely easy for you. In case your brand name is already determined, it makes sense to use the same one as your domain name. So it will be However, if you find the name is taken, there are a few ways in which you can choose a domain name that still associates with your brand.

  • Suffix to the rescue

You can set your domain name apart by adding a word after your domain name. It could be as simple as selecting the name of your product, your place of work, or something that takes everything into consideration. So it could be anything between and

  • Try a prefix

Putting a verb at the beginning of your domain can highlight your brand easily by showing off your products and services. For example,, or

  • Choose a different domain name extension

A top-level domain, also known as a domain name extension, appears at your domain’s end working as a suffix. While .com is the one that is used extensively all around the world, there are certain ones that are used specifically in certain locations. These include .us or .eu. Remember those domain name extensions that are unique cost a whole lot more.

  • Select a domain name registrar

The non-profit Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible to deal with all of the domain names. It also helps outside businesses, known as domain registrars, to handle domain names including their management. You require a registrar to register your domain name. There are several domain registrars you can choose from. However, ensure that their policies and cost fits your budget and needs as they will be handling your domain name from then on.

  • Ensure there is no trademark infringement

Trademark infringement is one of the worst things you can do for your brand as all businesses have a problem with anyone else using it. Even if you infringe by accident, it could lead you to a legal battle and then rehabilitating your brand under a new domain name could prove to be extremely costly. There are several trademark tools that you can use to ensure your choice does not step on the toes of any other brand.

  • Insert domain ID protection

You have to offer a lot of information when you register your domain name with ICANN, including your address and phone number. Your contact information can be accessed by the public once you register your domain name. This can be curbed from happening if you choose domain privacy which will keep your personal information private. Hence, it won’t fall into the hands of hackers and thieves. 

  • Buy your domain name

Once you have your mind set on a domain name you like, grab it before some other business does. Here is how you can easily buy a domain with Eukhost.

  1. Use your registered email ID and password to log into your Client Area.
  2. Click on the “Domains” tab which you will find on your dashboard’s left side.
  3. You be presented with the options to register, transfer and renew the domain name.
  4. Just select “register a new domain”.
  5. When the domain search page opens, insert the domain name you have chosen to register and select the “search” button. You will then get to know if the domain name is available or not.
  6. If it is available, just press “add to cart”.
  7. Your cart will automatically get the domain name. Once you click on “Checkout” the domain configuration page will open where you can insert details and then press “continue”.
  8. Choose the method of payment.
  9. Just press “checkout” and complete your payment.


Registering your domain name is not as simple as just paying for it and you can get anyone you want. There are several steps that you need to keep in mind. These include choosing a domain name that does not infringe on any others, protecting your personal information and selecting the perfect domain name registrar.

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