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The internet is rich with information, but it’s not as safe as it seems, especially for kids. The entire online world is full of all sorts of pitfalls that even adults can fall into; just imagine the consequences for your kids. So if you’re planning to buy your child a smartphone or an iPad or tablet to stay connected and learn, then you should have a lot to worry about. Now, you can guide and supervise your children’s behavior on the Internet through parental management software.

How to guide children to use the Internet correctly?

Download and Install cell phone monitoring app

Communicating with children is the first step in guiding children to use the Internet correctly. Find out about your children’s interests, activities and interactions online to understand their needs and discuss how to stay safe while using the Internet. Encourage children to share their online experiences with parents or teachers, and let them know they can always ask parents or other adults for help.

Educating children’s awareness of network security is an important part of guiding children to use the Internet correctly. Children need to know how to protect their privacy and avoid violence, pornography and harmful content online. Parents should educate their children not to trust the information of strangers, not to enter personal information casually, and not to publish private information such as personal photos and videos. At the same time, parents should also teach their children how to identify and avoid cyberbullying, how to protect and fight back against bad information.

Limiting children’s online time is an effective way to guide children to use the Internet correctly. Parents should set a reasonable time online to prevent children from over-indulging in the Internet. In addition, parents should also supervise their children’s online activities to ensure that children do not browse harmful and inappropriate content on the Internet.

Use parental control software

Using parental control software is an effective way of guiding children to use the Internet properly. Using Mycellspy mobile phone tracking software can easily monitor your child’s mobile phone. After installing the App on the target mobile phone, it will not be easily found and deleted. You can view all the contents of the other party’s mobile phone online. Mycellspy cell phone tracking software can monitor the phone’s call history, read conversation messages, view photos and videos, track the device’s GPS location, turn on the phone’s microphone and record surrounding audio, etc.

Cell phone monitoring

You can monitor the call content of the target phone, intercept phone calls, and record call sounds. When the target phone starts a phone conversation, you will hear a recording of the call.

Monitor ambient recordings

When the target mobile phone is not talking, you can remotely activate the microphone; hear the sounds of the surrounding environment of the target mobile phone, such as conversations in the room, noises on the street, business secrets at meetings, appointments in restaurants, etc.

Read sms

Read the contents of all received and sent SMS messages; even if the target mobile phone deletes the SMS messages, you will still get the backup SMS contents.

Read email

All emails are sent to your secure web network account, even if the target phone has deleted them, such as E-mail address, phone address book, contact’s name.

Call record query

You can view all the call records of the target mobile phone, including the name and number of the contact, the date and time of the call, and the duration of the call.

Read chat conversation

You can read all conversation messages, text messages, WhatsApp, Messenger of the target phone, even if they have been deleted on the phone, you can still view them.

GPS location tracking

You can use the GPS function to locate and display the specific location of the target mobile phone, and you can view the online map and display the geographic location of a specific time period.

View contacts

You can view the names and numbers of all contacts in the phone address book, and it will be uploaded to your web network account according to your command.

Remote camera to take pictures

You can remotely turn on the camera, take pictures of the target mobile phone’s live environment, and upload the photos taken. You only need to log in to your secure web network account, and you can immediately watch the live situation around the target mobile phone.

Change equipment anytime

Mobile phone is a kind of consumer product, many people will change their mobile phones frequently, allowing you to replace and install them on target mobile phones an unlimited number of times, supporting the same operating system.

Remote Control Parameters

All functions can be set remotely without touching the target mobile phone again. All functions can be controlled by sending secret instructions to the target mobile phone, and all functions can be started, stopped and operating parameters can be modified.

Hide App Icon

Mycellspy mobile phone tracking software is different from most monitoring software, after installation, no icon will be displayed on the target mobile phone, and it will not be discovered by users.

In short, guiding children to use the Internet correctly is a long-term task that requires the joint efforts of parents. By communicating with children, educating them on cyber security awareness, limiting their online time, using the Internet with them, and installing parental control software, you can help children use the Internet correctly and avoid Internet risks and dangers.

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