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Learn about DataNumen Outlook Password Recovery and discover the qualities that make this tool your go-to choice when finding a lost password for a locked PST file.

MS Outlook is a popular email application that is used for both personal and business purposes. When you configure this application on your device, it creates a folder that houses the PST file that contains your mailbox data. All activities you undertake on the client email application are saved in the PST files. Such activities include setting up appointments, scheduling projects, and drafting emails.

The PST file increases in size as you send and receive messages. To increase the efficiency of the MS Outlook application, most users find it convenient to split their PST files and archive them. You can opt to archive your PST data on servers or on removable disks.

However, this does not protect your information from unauthorized access. So, to guarantee the safety of your information, you should consider encrypting your PST files. Most people opt for password encryption. But what happens when you can’t remember the passcode of your locked PST file? Although there are numerous PST recovery tools available in the market, most of them will require the original passcode to open the file.

That is why you require an application such as DataNumen Outlook Password Recovery that succeeds where most solutions fail. Here’s a summary of what you can accomplish with this software.

What Makes DataNumen Outlook Password Recovery an Exceptional Tool

1. Fast file scanning and recovery

If you intend to find a tool that enables quick recovery of your PST documents, then go for DataNumen. Once you’ve identified the document you wish to recover, go to “Options” and choose the “Fast scan and recovery” checkbox. With this option, you can screen the locked file and gain a new password that opens it. The newly-generated secret code will not be a replica of the original, but it will work perfectly.

2. Application in computer forensics

The passcode retrieval tool by DataNumen works perfectly in all versions of MS Outlook. It will regain passwords of encrypted PST files whether they were created on MS Outlook 97 or Office 365. The PST password recovery software is also compatible with any Windows operating system. These features allow computer forensic experts can access password-encrypted PST documents from any computer running on Windows without the original passcode.

3. Recovery of multiple files

In case you have multiple PST files, the application gives the option to process them in batches and recover their respective passcodes. In the batch processing mode, the application will display the status of the file, i.e., whether it is processed or pending. If the file is processed, it will show the respective password. Transferring the recovered passwords is simple, as the application allows you to copy each passcode to the clipboard.

Final thoughts

MS Outlook allows you to communicate effectively with friends and business partners through emails. Your mailbox data is saved as a PST file on your computer. In an effort to protect your valuable information from unauthorized access, you may choose to lock them using a secret code. Unfortunately, many people forget the secret codes and you are not an exception. If this happens, consider using the DataNumen Outlook Password Recovery. It scans your locked file quickly and provides you with an alternative password that opens your document and functions perfectly on multiple PST files.

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