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How to lower your electric bill

Winter is here, whether you like it or not (unless you live in Florida). As a result, you should get ready for a hefty heating bill. Ugh. It’s no secret that heating your entire house costs a lot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find methods to save money. Keeping the heat off all winter and donning seven layers of clothes isn’t the only thing we’re talking about here. Learning how to read my electric bill is also a major point that a homeowner should be familiar with. These eight techniques will help you save a lot of money!

8 Ways to Cut Your Heating Costs

1.      Seal Air Leaks

Let’s go to work on this case, shall we? Ready? Those bothersome air leaks need to be hunted out. Check for air leaks in your walls, windows, ceilings, and doors, as well as in your light fixtures, electrical outlets, and switches. Look for things like holes, gaps, and weatherstripping that’s deteriorating. You may even test your windows with the old-fashioned candle test while doing a thorough cleaning.

Light a candle and place it near the windows to provide illumination. If you notice the flame swaying, there may be an air leak. If you have a leak, it’s not difficult to fix it. Fill up the holes with inexpensive caulking or weatherstripping. It’s not a flashy fix, but it may save you up to 20% on your heating cost with a simple adjustment, according to a survey done by experts of

2.      Set The Thermostat

Changing the thermostat a few degrees might significantly impact your heating expenditure. If you lower your thermostat by 7–10 degrees for eight hours a day, you can save up to ten percent of your energy bill each year. 2 Attending a meeting all day? The temperature should be lowered. Are you at a soccer competition all day? Reduce the temperature in the home. Taking a vacation this weekend? The thermostat has to be reduced.

After a while, the constant arguing could wear on your nerves. To make your life a lot simpler, consider purchasing a smart thermostat. There is a way for you to have it automatically create the modifications. What’s more, I’d want to tell you something. They were also not too expensive. If you’re planning on installing a new thermostat in your house, be sure you have enough money set aside for it.

3. Allow The Light To Enter

Get some vitamin D by opening your blinds while the sun is out. With some elbow grease and creativity, the natural light streaming through your windows may provide enough heat. Because the heat won’t kick in a while your house is already warm, you won’t have to cringe every time it does. Win-win. Don’t forget to cover the windows after dark so that chilly air doesn’t get in.

4. Close Unnecessary Rooms

How often do you use the upstairs guest bathroom? Once you’ve finished, close the door. We all know that turning off the lights when you leave a room saves money on your power bill. When you leave a room, you should permanently close the door.

Additionally, you’ll save money on your heating bills. Why? Your HVAC system won’t have to keep pumping out warm air if the door is closed because the heat will remain in the room. When it comes to saving money on your heating cost, there is a straightforward trick.

5. Wrap Up Warm

It’s the perfect time of year to curl up on the couch in your favorite pair of thick flannel pajamas. Wearing a coat or sweater indoors will help you avoid overheating. Moreover, who doesn’t enjoy wearing warm, fuzzy socks when it’s cold outside?

While at it, get a hot beverage of your choice and sit back and relax. The less effort your heating system requires, the more comfortable your home will be. To save money on your heating cost, what’s the major secret? That’s what I’m referring to.

6. Begin Preparing Meals

Even more, the incentive to go inside the kitchen and bake when it’s cold outside. Here’s the last one. During the winter, nothing soothes the spirit like a hearty meal created from scratch. Even better, if the home is already warm, you don’t need to turn on your heat. You can use the oven to heat it.

The oven door can even be propped open after you’ve finished baking, but make sure there aren’t any curious little hands nearby. Yes, using the oven will increase your power bill, but if you cook anyway, why not use the extra heat?

7. Purchase Drapes And Valances

Nothing is worse than watching your hard-earned money fly out the window. Windows are responsible for a whopping 30% of a house’s heat loss. 3 It’s also worth noting that thick drapes and shades might assist you in retaining the heat. If draughty windows are a concern, all it takes is the purchase of a few curtains.

8. Replace The Filter

I mean, who doesn’t hate those annoying filters? They do matter, however. In addition, they can help you save money on your monthly heating expense. So go ahead and do it. Changing the filter is all that is required. And be sure to replace them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Changing the filter is as simple as setting a reminder on your phone. That will allow you to continue to save money over time.

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