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Playing video games online has received much criticism for years, but nevertheless, it has managed to survive.

This is because from childhood adulthood to now, we have seen that there is nothing better than video games!

As long as you are not letting it become your addiction (unless you are a professional gamer!), you are good to go.

Video games have always helped us through many stressful situations and get excited about something at the day’s end.

Some studies have also shown that playing video games can also help you solve a mind maze, something you are stuck within your professional world. Here is an amazing gaming option i.e. Play Dislyte.

Thus, it could be a necessary activity for some people!


We are not complaining!

After all, we might not be pro gamers, but ‘gamers’ …for sure, and for us, video games are a big part of our lives.

But, what about saving money because gaming is an expensive hobby!

Here Is How You Can Save Money While Playing Video Games

We have talked to gamers and scoured through the internet and asked pro gamers how to save money on gaming.

We have compiled them for your benefit. So, the next time you decide to pay for another software, consult this list first.

1. Use The Pirate Bay

The pirate bay is one of those life-saving domains which allows us to get all our favorite video games for free!

Yes, they are legal because they do not make any money from the content that they sell. Thus, you do not have to worry about anything when you download.

Just get a VPN and get going. Click

2. Learn The Cheats

No matter whatever you do, never buy those within-game purchases because you will be more often than not fee; betrayed.

Yes, it might seem like you are getting so much more, and it guarantees your winning.

But, it is just marketing!

It is better for you to go the extra length and simply learn some of the cheat codes to make your gaming experience much easier. You will find several sources and tutorials over the internet for these cheat codes.

3. Buy Physical Copies Of Used Games

Do not go for online buys; you might have to buy more than usual—a good way to get started in looking for used physical copies of the game.

You can visit sites that sell these used games and meet up with a fellow gamer, and get the game.

This can be a little risky, so do not meet after dark in a lonesome place. Instead, always choose a crowded place, and get a device where you can check the copy to see the authenticity.

4. Wait For The Price To Drop

With a little bit of patience, you can wait for the price to drop and then buy these games. In addition, many online eCommerce portals have discounts and sales during the festive seasons.

If this is a game that you really wish to play, then add it to your cart and keep checking the price or the discounts they are offering before buying it.

You can also send referral links to your fellow gamers, and each time they buy the game, you will be able to avail a special discount.

5. Exchange Old For New

Remember when we said that you could buy used games online. There is one more advantage to that. The gaming community is very friendly, and they are always trying to help each other.

Thus, you will find many who are trying to sell their old games in exchange for a new one. So, if you have a game that they are looking for, then exchange that for the new game.

This is like a healthy barter system that only authentic gamers by heart will be able to understand.

Happy Gaming!

Saving money when you are buying or playing games might sound like an impossible job, but it is not.

Hopefully, we were able to convey the right tips and tricks which will make your gaming hobby a little more affordable.

After all, when there is a will, there is a way. Your will is to not drill a hole through your pocket while feeding your gaming heart, and we have tried our best to give out the way.

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