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We all are more or less aware about the side effects of smoking. But the thing is quitting smoking could be tough even after knowing it’s harmful. When a person smokes for years it becomes a strong addiction. And when that person tries to quit smoking they experience withdrawal symptoms. Now you may wonder is there no way to get rid of it? Well it has ways. 

Tapering will help- If it’s been more than a year, then tapering will help. If you are a chain smoker you can’t stop it all of a sudden. People who stop smoking suddenly are most likely to experience withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms include fatigue, frustration, vomiting tendency, drowsiness and more. Most number of people couldn’t resist such withdrawal symptoms and they started smoking again. So this is why you should gradually decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day and this is what we call Tapering. Give your brain some time to get adjusted with this less amount of nicotine. It prevents the chances of experiencing withdrawal symptoms and keeps your goal set. 

Therapy works the best- if you are determined about your decision of quitting smoking this Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy can help you a lot. People who had smoked for an extended period of time often experience an extreme craving in their “No Nicotine” Phase. Now this is where Hypnotherapy helps. It teaches you to control your desire whenever you feel such craving. It increases your confidence level. It motivates you to do better in life which you badly need to cope up this hard phase. Most number of people experience mood swings, anger, frustration, impulsiveness while quitting smoking. Hypnotherapy can effectively reduce such symptoms. It teaches you how to have control over your subconscious mind. It calms your mind with some relaxation techniques and helps you to control your excessive urge to have a cigarette. 

Cultivate the habit of daily exercising- The best way to quit smoking is keeping you engaged. Keep yourself engaged into something fun, relaxing and engaging. Exercising like running, Yoga, Aerobics and swimming is the best way to keep you distracted. Also these exercises keep you energized, promote more blood circulation and activate your parasympathetic nervous system. All these are super effective to handle this quitting phase.

Drink more water- According to the research evidences it could be stated that water can stop your Nicotine craving for some amount of time. Maybe it’s not a permanent solution but it never harms as well. Drink more water than usual. Drink water or fruit juice whenever you feel that craving is coming back.

Say “No” to Alcohol- A recent study has established the fact that Drinking Alcohol can bring your suppressed Nicotine craving back anytime. So during your withdrawal phase say a big “NO” to Alcohol. Replace alcohol with any kind of health drink like energy booster drinks, Fruit juice and more.

Nothing is impossible if you have the right vision, right intentions. So now it’s time to prove you can do it, you can lead a super healthy happy life without consuming this harmful substance. 

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