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How to Select a Storage System That Adapts to Your Needs

It’s essential to put thought into organizational solutions for every aspect of your life. After all, life keeps pushing on ahead, whether you’re ready for it or not! We know it can be overwhelming to find the storage needs that fit your lifestyle. 

Once you do, though, it’s so rewarding when everything you own is perfectly displayed or safely stashed away.

We’ll show you how to turn your apartment into a highly organized space that is both neat and versatile. It is possible to create and maintain storage systems that adapt to your needs, whether you live in a large or tiny space. 

Check out these nine flexible storage ideas:

1. Floating Desk Hutch

A floating desk hutch is perfect for your home office and ever-changing storage needs. 

It doesn’t take up much space yet offers you a sturdy work surface. Plus, shelves for displaying knick-knacks, books, plants, paperwork, and so much more. 

A desk hutch is not only an excellent piece for its organizational capabilities, but it can add an unexpected flair to just about any room in your home.

2. Kitchen Island Cart

Apartment kitchens tend to be short on space and storage options. Maximize both by adding an island cart.

This particular one has a built-in spice rack, towel holder, a drawer for holding tools and utensils, and a cabinet for plates and pots. You can use its sturdy tabletop for meal prep or for enjoying a snack.

Since it’s on wheels, you can quickly move it to wherever it isn’t in the way as you see fit. You can also store it in a corner, put a couple of counter-height chairs around it, and use it as a makeshift dining nook.

3. Entryway Storage Table

A chic and versatile entry storage table is a must-have as an adaptable storage solution.

Just about every entry table out there has a sturdy tabletop — ideal for holding keys and decorative pieces. Try to find one with specific storage solutions that suit your needs, though.

Some have drawers, shelves, and shoe racks, making it easier to manage the necessities you need at the front door.

4. Countertop Shelves

Vertical storage is a brilliant way to maximize storage options in tight spaces.

Add shelving units to countertops, desks, and other flat spaces so you can keep all the items you need in a given space tidy.

This corner shelf can be a lifesaver in the kitchen, bathroom, or home office. It boasts three shelf tiers of varying size, four hooks, anti-slip feet, and flexible installation options.

5. Storage Cubes

Storage cubes are easy to come by and collect. And what’s great about having a variety on hand is how versatile they can be. 

You can find storage cubes in various materials, including plastic, fabric, and wood, and they can hold pretty much anything you like.

Place storage cubes on your bookshelf to organize magazines. Put them in your kids’ room to hold their toys, and in the front hall, closets to store hats, gloves, and other accessories.

Choose the material and design you like and watch them adapt to your needs.

6. Clothing Racks and Hooks

Sure, apartments and small homes come with closets. But can they hold all the clothing owned by yourself and your housemates?

If you’re short on clothing storage options, line up a simple garment rack against your bedroom wall.

Go to the extra organization step and use it to hang your wardrobe for the week. Every morning you can reach for that day’s outfit and be ready to roll.

If you have a clothing credenza, it likely has a pole, shelves, and maybe a hook or two within its doors to hold your clothes and accessories.

But if that isn’t enough for your gear, consider adding hooks to the exterior side of the unit, and voila, you have an instant coat rack of sorts!

7. Furniture With Nooks and Crannies

It’s easy to find beautiful pieces of furniture that create their own storage systems.

For example, consider this elegant and multifunctional display unit by Nathan James

It can be an entertainment center, supporting your TV, Blu-ray player, and gaming console. Or it can be a dining buffet for storing dinnerware, an entryway table, or merely a bookcase for your favorite tomes and personal items.

When it comes to discovering storage systems that adapt to you, they must be versatile to begin with!

8. Multipurpose Seating

Outfitting your home with myriad seating for yourself and guests can be fun. It should also be functional! 

But how, you ask?

First, think about your living room. Add a faux leather recliner with arm storage, cup holders, and USB port to hit the jackpot when it comes to style and adaptable storage needs. 

You may also want fancy ottomans and benches to add to the atmosphere. Great! 

But did you know you can find types that have the plush, cozy seats you want with lids that open to reveal the storage space you need? 

It’s true!

They’ll just look like a place of repose for your visitors. But, you’ll know that they’re also practically filled to the gills with throw blankets, newspapers, and dog toys galore.

9. Attachable Baskets

Baskets that attach to existing shelves or other flat surfaces are a helpful (and affordable) storage addition.

These clip-on baskets from Ikea can maximize space in your kitchen, home office, living room, or anywhere in need of storage space.

Buy a few to affix to your dining table to keep utensils and place settings at hand. Attach one or two to your office desk to keep paperwork neatly organized and at hand. Affix yet more to your workbench to keep your tools close by. 

You can remove and move these attachable baskets from space to space as you see fit. Their sturdy design also makes it safe to store a variety of items — worry-free.


You don’t have to be a natural at the organization to outfit your home with incredibly stylish and functional storage systems.

Consider your needs. Pick and choose items from the ideas above to turn your space around with chic and adaptable organizational solutions.

Before you know it, everything will have its place, and you can enjoy a sense of order, once and for all!

Author Bio: 

Elaine Chavez is the Business Manager at 625 Broadway. With over eight years of experience in the industry, she begins and ends each day loving what she does. She is passionate about helping people find the perfect place to call home and shines at building a community that everyone is proud to be a part of.

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