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Instagram started out as a photo-sharing platform for users to interact in a social media setting but with, of course, a strong emphasis on the visual. It wasn’t long, however, before people started realizing the potential of such a site for ecommerce. But it isn’t just the visual emphasis – which allows products to really be shown off in an attractive way – that made Instagram suitable for such a purpose. The truly massive number of users on the site didn’t hurt either.

As things developed, certain products became more suited to Instagram selling than others. One type of product perhaps stands above all the others as being regularly traded on the site – shoes. Sneakers, in particular, are very regularly advertised on Instagram, with sales being arranged through the handy instant messaging function. Instagram might be a free social media site, but its economic worth is immense. 

So, if you are looking to sell some of your fashionable kicks, Instagram is a great place to do it. Moreover, with shoes being so regularly traded on the site, there has been a range of wisdom built up over the years regarding the best way to do it. Read on to find out what that is. 

A Word on Shoe Care 

Nevertheless, before we get on to the top Instagram shoe-selling tips, a word on shoe care is definitely advised. Instagram can make your shoes look as attractive as possible, but it will not cover up a worn pair of shoes with little to no value. 

ShoeFresh, a top shoe spray brand, recommends that keeping your shoes smelling fresh is just the first step. You should also do things like stuffing them with newspaper to keep the shape and applying the right cleaning product for the material they are composed of. Doing this diligently can keep a pair of shoes sale-worthy even if you have been wearing them for quite a while. Here follows then some top tips for shoe selling on Instagram: 

Have an Instagram Business Account 

One of the greatest developments that Instagram has seen in recent years has been the Instagram business account. Such accounts allow you to streamline your checkout process and collect data which can help you shift your inventory in the most profitable way possible. Following your sales trends is the best way to identify what is selling well and thereby plan for success into the future. 

Link Up Your Instagram with an Ecommerce Site

This doesn’t necessarily mean setting up a sleek ecommerce site and effectively starting a professional online business, but an attractive website that can give more details about who you are and what you’re selling can be a great way to make you look more legitimate and to boost awareness of your brand. Instagram can then become one arm of your visual marketing strategy. 

Present Your Shoes the Right Way 

Instagram is full of young trendy people – the perfect market niche for shoes. You should lean into this aesthetic when presenting your products on the app. Take a look at the general aesthetic of Instagram photos and the same for your followers’ Instagram accounts. This will give you a visual model to work with. 

Expand Your Followers 

This tip is of course pretty obvious, but what does it mean in practice? On Instagram, you should use hashtags and tag other users (perhaps satisfied customers) in order to have your posts seen by people that don’t follow you… yet. 

Instagram has been one of the technological revolutions that has really democratized ecommerce and made it an option for millions. For success in selling shoes online, it is an indispensable tool.

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