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Are you suspicious of your beau for having a romantic relationship with someone else? The advancement of technology and the widespread adoption of social media and the internet have provided humans with more opportunities of infidelity. The mobile phone technology and instant messaging apps allow users to have multiple romantic relationships by accessing and communicating with the people across the world. The monitoring of the mobile phones and social messengers can help you monitor the activities of your boyfriend or girlfriend with an aim to catch them red-handed. This article discusses how can you spy on your boyfriend using Android spy app.

Android Monitoring App

While the technological advancement has bestowed the millennial and post-millennial generation with more opportunities of infidelity, it has also provided them with the solution. There are monitoring apps that allow users to secretly spy on someone tracking their Android mobile. The snooping app for android lets you remotely monitor and manage the targeted mobile device. Once you install the software on the Android phone of your boyfriend. You can remotely read his messages; monitor social media apps; track GPS location and keep an eye on his surroundings.

What Can Android Monitoring App Do?

While there are numerous Android monitoring apps, we recommend you to opt for the most appropriate, reliable and feature-rich spy app such as TheOneSpy. The spy app is loaded with hundreds of features enabling the users to remotely track and control the targeted device. We have rounded up here the main features of the surveillance software to record the online and offline activities of your loved ones.

Monitor Messages

The Android tracking app accesses the messages stored on the targeted mobile device and uploads to the confidential online control panel of the app. The end-user of the spy software can log into that secret account to read the uploaded messages. The monitored messages include text messages, multimedia messages and instant messages stored on the targeted phone memory. It also includes the messages deleted from the phone accidentally or intentionally.

Call Tapping

The Android surveillance software lets you listen to the phone calls of your boyfriend. You can know who is frequently calling or receiving calls from your beau. The spy software records each incoming and outgoing phone call and uploads the recorded calls to online control pane of the app. This feature lets you listen to all the secretive and private phone calls of your boyfriend to detect if he is cheating on you.

Track GPS Location

Staying updated about the location of your cheating partner lets you get the proof of infidelity. The Android tracking app keeps you updated on the current and earlier whereabouts of your boyfriend. It also lets you mark numerous locations to be informed of your target’s entrance and departure from the marked locations.

Monitor Emails

Your boyfriend might be using email services to communicate with his new love affair. The Android tracking app lets you monitor the emails of your beau including all the incoming and outgoing emails.

Android monitoring app
Android monitoring app

Record Keylogs

The spy software lets you record the keystrokes applied to the targeted mobile phone device. It includes the Keylogs of email addresses, usernames, passwords and messages. It also lets you access the credentials of the online accounts of your boyfriend to keep an eye on his online activities.

Monitor Surroundings

The Android spyware lets you monitor the surroundings of your boyfriend to identify his whereabouts and real-life activities. The spyware lets you control the microphone and camera of the targeted device to see and listen the surrounding scenes and sounds. You can send remote command to the targeted device to take photos, record videos and audios using the front and back cameras and MIC. The remotely captured photos and videos get uploaded to the online account from where you can monitor and download them.

Monitor Social Media

Social media is the biggest facilitator of the swindlers. While dating apps allow users to find partners for one-night stand, the instant messengers enable users to make costless audio and video calls to people across the world keeping the identities hidden. The Android surveillance software lets you monitor the social media apps of your boyfriend including WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Telegram, Tumblr, Instagram, Line, Viber and Tinder. You can monitor the messages of your boyfriend exchanged via social messengers and track their every single social media activity to detect their suspicious activities.

Retrieve Photos and Videos

The spyware lets you monitor the photos, videos and other media files stored on the targeted mobile phone. It includes the photos captured from the camera, downloaded from the internet and received from another source.


The Android monitoring app lets you detect the clues of infidelity by tracking the mobile phone of your boyfriend or girlfriend. Once you get provided with enough evidence, you can make better decision for your relationship.

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