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If you feel the jitters and excitement in taking the California Bar Exam then that’s good to hear. This means you’re just a few steps behind in becoming a lawyer. Though, just like any other test preparing early and wisely is the best formula in succeeding your dream.

Why Should You Take a California Bar Exam Prep Course?

There are two major ways to prepare for your bar exam, first is self-study or take guidance from a bar exam review course.  Although, it is highly recommended to get the latter. Taking such a significant risk can cause you more losses in time, money, and effort. In addition, if you have not taken law school it is highly recommended for you to take a California Bar Exam Preparatory Course before taking the actual exam.

The CA Bar Exam Prep Courses allow you to be well-equipped in taking one of the most difficult exams among the states in the U.S.

Do You Need To Have a Degree from Law School?

You can take the California bar exam without going to law school. Although you need to take mentorship under a practicing judge or attorney before you can be admitted to take the exam. Other than California, other states that allow bar examinees without a law diploma include Virginia, Vermont, and Washington.

What is the best CA Bar Exam Prep Course?

Finding the best CA Bar Exam Prep Review Course can be difficult as there are many bar review centers in the area. So before embarking and spending money on a bar review program, you should do a little research.

  1. Offers Comprehensive Review Center. A well-rounded bar review program should include subject lectures, provide MBE test questions and answers, essay feedback, video lectures, and flexible online learning.
  2. Proven teaching methodology with a history of success. The CA Bar Exam Prep Program uses proven teaching methods that work on teaching online. To get an insight, look into the feedback of past reviewers.
  3. Experienced Professors. Teachers of the bar review program should be reputable and practicing lawyers to get genuine and practical guidance. You can find profiles of professors posted on the CA Bar Exam Prep Course websites.
  4. Actual MBE Quizzes. Since exams are time-pressured, taking actual quizzes helps build your mental stamina and assess your time frame in answering a set of questions. There are online CA Bar Exam Prep Courses that have allowable MBE quizzes so you can choose which subject to focus on.
  5. Provides Essay Grader. The essay part can be overwhelming and monitoring your progress on this part of the exam review. The review program should have a professional and personalized essay grader to assess your essays. The experienced attorney will evaluate your essays and provide pointers on how to improve your weak areas and further develop your writing skills.
  6. Published Pass Rates. An Online CA Bar Exam Prep should be transparent in publishing the feedback and passing rates of their passed reviewers, with this you can get a good overview of the course works for you.

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