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Are you tired of winter weather and being stuck indoors? Hate having to stay at home to quarantine during the Coronavirus? Do you feel like you have read every book possible, watched all the good movies, and are caught up on your do-it-yourself projects? If you have answered yes to all of these, then perhaps you should turn to the internet for a way to pass the time!

A prime example of using the internet to pass your time is by playing online games. And we do not mean any old game. What could be more fun than playing No-limit Texas Hold‘em Poker with Monero on

Not sure what Monero is? Monero is a cryptocurrency that was released in 2014. This digital currency is not only private and secure, but it is also untraceable. The future of Monero looks very promising, with confidence that this year will be an excellent year for it.

Now, maybe you are thinking you just do not trust sites like this. You might have tried one or two before, and disaster struck. But guess what? This is not a traditional site. Not only you will not be playing high rake on a traditional site, but you will not also be a victim of cyber attacks that target specific websites.

You will be able to play on your personal computer, your cell phone, smartphone, tablet, and more. And there are multiple languages available such as English, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese, Italian, and Chinese.

Sounds exciting? It is even possible to win money at poker because you don’t play against the casino like slot machines. If you have never had a truly great online poker-playing experience, know that it is possible. All you need is an exciting online app that will allow you to play anonymously.

Yes, we said anonymously. All information will be kept 100% safe. None of your information is transferred or shared because you do not have to provide it. There is no registration process, so you do not have to provide your name and other personal information that hackers crave. No need to worry about identity theft.

And if you want to feel even safer about playing Poker online, know that the web browser app does not require Javascript. This means you will be safer while using it.

So who exactly will you be playing with? Feel free to play with your friends, or you can play with strangers.

Some feel that high rake is a complete turn-off, which we agree with completely! You deserve to play with a low rake, at a rate of 1%. There is simply no better place than this. Some poker rooms are charging 2.5% while some feel it is acceptable to charge as much as 10%!

Not sure you want to be playing with people you do not know? No other place offers such a good solution for renting a private server and playing poker safely and without rake!

One thing that has always turned sour when it comes to playing online games is money withdrawals that take forever. You want your money because you rightfully won it. But you wait and wait. And eventually, you get the feeling that the website will hope that you forgot that you won!

You deserve immediate withdrawals. On, you don’t have to wait forever for this. Understanding that it takes a little time for the transaction to be confirmed by the Monero network is okay, but when you have to wait forever to collect your winnings, it’s not normal!

Are you ready to join a table? If so, you can pick from one of the eight tables: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Each one has six seats. mXMR is the currency for all tables. To start a game, you don’t have to install anything. You can either play immediately with the web browser or play with the open-source desktop app. Each one will have three easy steps to get you on the road to making some money with Texas Hold‘Em poker.

If you love Texas Hold‘Em poker, online is a great way to play. Feel free to play at any time during the day. Any day of the week, even on holidays!

Are you not sure how to play well? Once again, online poker is a great way to learn, especially when the rake levels are a cool 1%. You will not have to worry about being at a table full of pros and it is a lot less intimidating.

Plus you can play anywhere. From your living room, while waiting for your kids after school, on your lunch break, before bed, or whenever you have the time. Play in your pajamas or sweats. There is no need to get dressed up to head out for a night on the town a href=””>Loans-Cash.Net.

If you need to stay sane during the Coronavirus, make no mistake. Poker is where it is at! This hobby will keep you busy for long hours while providing you with hours of fun!

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