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Slot gambling has become easily the most played example of a gambling game over the last two decades in particular, something that is almost exclusively down to the emergence of online slots during the early 2000s. Online free slots just make it so much easier to actually start slot gambling, mainly because you don’t even need to leave your house anymore in order to gamble on them. Moreover, developers such as NetEnt and Play N GO are churning out quality online slots at an astonishing rate, which means there is never a shortage of games to play in the modern world either! 

 Because of the attention that the online pgslot industry has been getting recently it has meant that there are many more new gamblers coming to this part of the gambling industry to get their fix, which is nothing but good news for everybody really. But here’s the thing: because modern online slots are so fun and accessible it can be difficult for people to stop playing even if they are on a losing streak. Keep reading to find out how to stop losing at playing slots! 

Bet in line with slot volatility 

One of the main things that not enough slot gamblers know or appreciate these days is the concept of slot volatility, something that is essential to a successful slot gambling career. Slot volatility basically revolves around the odds of winning big or small on a particular slot game, and this all depends on the size of the bets being made.

For example, a low volatility slot should be played with small bets, whilst a high volatility slot needs larger bets to make it genuinely worth it. Far too many beginner slot gamblers won’t really have any appreciation of this, and it can result in quite a lot of wasted bet money if it isn’t addressed properly. 

Avoid slots with bad RTP 

RTP is by far the most popular piece of slot information for gamblers who are looking to stop losing whilst playing slots, and in reality it is the easiest way to give yourself the best chance of winning that you can. RTP stands for Return To Player, and it is a piece of information that tells you what the average amount of money you can expect to win back from your stake is on any given slot gambling session. 

The average RTP is around 96%, so if you find yourself losing at slots too often we suggest taking more care of the RTP of your chosen slots. 

Practise on demo slots 

Demo slots are quite easy to find these days, and they can actually be a fantastic way to practise your slots playing and stop losing. The best thing about demo slots is the fact that they don’t cost any money to play at all, which means that you can gamble to your heart’s content without spending any money. 

The good thing about practising on demo slots is that you will be able to navigate slot bonus features better when you play with real money too, pretty much ensuring a better win rate!

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