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Each bottle of CBD oil comes with a handy pipette. With the pipette you can easily measure the number of drops to be taken, so that you know exactly how much you are taking in. You can drip the drops directly under the tongue or put them on a teaspoon and then take it. Using a teaspoon will also prevent you from spilling the oil on your clothes, as the oil will cause stains that are difficult to get out. If the oil is in your mouth, let it work for about 30 seconds. You can also mix the oil with your food to get it. So you can also try out what is easiest for you when it comes to taking it. It is important not to take the oil just a few times, but regularly for a longer period to achieve the right effect.

Storing the CBD oil

The CBD oil instructions for use are not only important, you must also store the oil correctly. It is best to store the oil in a dark and cool place. The best place is in the refrigerator, but you can also store the oil in a dark cupboard where the temperature never rises high (such as in the basement).

What CBD content of the CBD oil should I take?

Each person reacts differently to CBD oil. One needs a few drops of CBD oil of 2.5% per day, while another needs 3 drops of a CBD oil with 10%, or even higher, 3 times a day.

Also see in the range of CBD oil that there is ” normal / pure ” CBD oil and Raw CBD oil. With the Raw CBD oil, a modern technique with Co2 has been used to extract the CBD substances from the hemp plant. With this method of Co2, in addition to the main component CBD, the other CBD substances from the hemp plant are also preserved, such as the CBD substances: CBD, CBN, CBV and CBG. These extra substances, in combination with the main ingredient CBD, can also give a certain effect for certain people. For other people, only the substance CBD is enough for a good result. So here too there is no clear CBD oil instructions for use. You should test it yourself and experience what works best for you.

Are you using CBD oil for the first time?

Are you starting with CBD oil for the first time and do you have no experience with this yet? It is then advisable to start with a standard CBD content of 4% with a standard dosage of 2-3 drops at a time. For example, you can choose our Cibdol CBD oil 4%. With minimal results you can be the first to increase the dosage at a time and experience whether you have a better result. If you ultimately need a very high dosage, it is advisable to switch to a CBD oil with a higher CBD content such as 5 or 10%. Increasing the dose does not lead to overdose and is therefore safe. It is of course not advisable to take an extreme dosage of the CBD oil and always consult your doctor in case of illness, doubts or use of CBD oil!

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