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One of the popular protective styles that almost every naturalist love is drawstring ponytails. They are so natural & versatile yet easy & effortless to style,which allows you to dress them up and down for the mood or occasion you are on the go.

It makes your everyday life so much easier especially for those busy naturalists who do not have much time and energy for getting ready.

If you are a beginner trying a drawstring ponytail for the first time, Below are the detailed steps that you could follow to make a natural ponytail look.



Parting comb, Hair comb, Denman brush,

Elastic band, Butterfly clamps & Bobbie Pins,

Spray bottle of water,

Cantu Leave-In Conditioner,

Eco styler black castor oil and flaxseed gel,

Got2B Ultra Styling Gel,

Edge Control,

Scarf or Wrapping Paper,

  1. Part your natural hair into small sections with a parting comb especially when you have thick hair. 

 If you have thin hair, then you do not need to do that.

  1. Moisturize your natural hair using water spray then apply a leave-In conditioner on it. 

Comb through each section to make sure each section is fully hydrated and detangled and really good for the gel.

  1. Apply Eco styler flaxseed gel to slick down your natural hair and use an elastic band to hold it.
  2. Use a Denman brush to help slick down your natural hair for the finishing touch to make sure everything is neat and sleek.
  3. Keeping doing the other sections the same way until the entire head is finished.
  4. Lay your edges with some edge control.
  5. Apply Got2B Ultra Styling Gel to lay down any flyaways and secure everything together into a bun. 

For those with longer or fuller hair, separating your natural ponytail into two braids or twists. Then wrap them around each other to create a small tight bun.

  1. Tie with a satin wrap or scarf and let it dry for about 3 hours.
  2. Use a ponytail that matches your natural curl pattern as possible you can. 

Using the same curl pattern or texture of your natural hair saves you time and trouble blending with your natural hair. If you are not familiar with what your natural hair texture or curl pattern is, find it here  :

  1. Place a drawstring ponytail over your bun and make it snug by tugging on the drawstring.
  2. Wrap one strand of the ponytail hair to cover the drawstring and secure it with Bobbie Pins.
  3. 12You’re all done!! There you have a natural and sleek ponytail.

Feel free to check out the full video tutorial by Youtuber Adanna Madueke.

TipTo create a natural and sleek ponytail, make sure your natural hair is in a small bun, otherwise, there will be a line of demarcation between your natural hair and your drawstring ponytail. If you have thick and long hair which does not allow you to make a small bun, try separating your hair into 2 braids first before gathering them together into a bun.  


If you ever been running late to class and didn’t have the energy to fix your hair or ever snatched your wig off but then had to make a store run, or ever missed your hair appointment and didn’t know what to do with your hair? If you ever been in any of this situation before, I highly recommend you get yourself a VERSATILE  DRAWSTRING PONYTAIL WIG. The VERSATILE DRAWSTRING PONYTAIL WIG doubles over a drawstring ponytail which could also be styled as a headband wig, half wig,  full wig, and other natural-looking wigs with or with no leave out. With this new cap construction, this unit can be comfortably placed anywhere, unlocking limitless styling options and friendly to beginners! It is NO Lace, No Glue, Beginner Friendly Grab&go unit for last-minute problems.

Key Features of the Curls Queen VERSATILE DRAWSTRING PONYTAIL Wig:

    *Limitless styling possibilities

    *Designed for truly realistic looks no matter your own natural hairline revealed or not

    *Beginner Friendly-ready to go protective style in just minutes

    *Breathable and flexible cap that lays flat

    *Adjustable drawstring for a custom fit

 To give you some hair inspiration ideas, Please refer to the below instructions of how this VERSATILE-Cap Wig could be styled and there are more hairstyles for you to explore with this unit. 

Feel free to check out the full video tutorial by Youtuber Msnaturally mary to see how you could style this ponytail wig in different ways such as a headband wig, a half-up half-down look, and a drawstring ponytail using only VERSATILE  DRAWSTRING PONYTAIL WIG

Where to buy a drawstring ponytail wig?

If you ever wondering where I could purchase some high-quality drawstring ponytail wigfind it here

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