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Cool sculpting is a procedure that involves low temperatures that freeze fat cells in specific body areas. You can be at your ideal weight but unhappy with stubborn fat areas such as your thighs, belly, upper back, chin and hips. The good news is that Pasadena cool sculpting can help tone your body to attain your desired shape. However, you need to note that cool sculpting is not a substitute for weight loss procedures. The following information gives you more insight into cool sculpting and its involvement.

Who is a good candidate for cool sculpting?

The procedure is for individuals who need to get rid of extra fat in specific body areas. However, your doctor may only recommend the process after you’ve tried out other methods including diet and exercise with no significant change. Although cool sculpting is a non-invasive procedure and is generally safe, specialists advise against it in particular instances. For example, the process may not be suitable for you if you have:

  • Skin laxity
  • Poor skin tone
  •  Cold urticarial whereby your skin develops hives when it gets cold
  • Paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria

What to expect during treatment

The procedure is non-invasive and also does not require any use of needles. You, therefore, don’t have the risk of reacting to any sedation. Using a particular device, your specialist targets a specific area and uses two paddles to hold that part of your body. You may feel a cooling sensation as the doctor leaves the pad in place for 30 minutes to an hour or more.

During this time, the cold destroys the fat cells but does not affect any other cells in your body. Some people notice changes in a few weeks, but the outcome may take several months to show up. Treatment time varies depending on the size of the area your doctor targets.

What are the possible side effects?

Cryolipolysis usually causes no severe side effects, and the ones you may experience are often harmless. For example, you may feel a pulling sensation as your specialist presses the plate between your body. You will also feel intense cold during the procedure, which may numb your skin.

 Although rare, you may experience mild to moderate pain after treatment. Sometimes people may have nerve pain and notice a change in their skin texture. There’s also a possibility of a complication called paradoxical fat hyperplasia, a rare side effect. When this happens, the fat cells in the treatment area multiply instead of decreasing. It is most common for men to have this complication.

How effective is cool sculpting?

On average, the procedure reduces 10%-25% of fat cells in the targeted area. The side effects, such as mild discoloration, itching, and swelling, usually improve in a few days. Cool sculpting is a relatively safe process except for people with cold-induced conditions. You may need multiple sessions to notice the significant change and get the best results.

Don’t let fat stubborn areas stand in the way of you and your dream body. Book an appointment with your doctor at Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center for cool sculpting to get closer to your ideal shape.

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