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It’s so annoying and creepy to know that someone else is tracking your phone against your will. In today’s era mobile phones are the most important component of a person’s life. Mobile phones are used nowadays to keep all the classifieds and secret information about a person’s personal and professional life.

We do all kinds of things with our mobile phone. From talking with families and loved ones to banking and managing financial sides, accessing email accounts to sharing personal information. And that is why security of your mobile phone is very important. It’s not a pleasant feeling when you know that your phone is being controlled by someone else, as it generates the fear of revealing your personal information along with your banking details, which can do a lot of harm to you. But tracking a phone with good cause can help a person in many ways.

Issue related to tracking a phone

The mobile screen is just a matrix of numbers. If you see that you are charging up quickly, restarting frequently, or notice outgoing calls to different numbers that you never dialed. It’s the sign that your phone is being tracked or controlled by someone.

  • Your phone acts weird: if you notice that your phone is acting weird like shutting off all of a sudden, lighting up without touching,
  • Data usage is getting high: when you see that without doing anything your data usage is increasing rapidly, it means your phone is getting tracked.
  • Getting hot: if your phone suddenly drops all the charges, it’s possible that any app is running in the background. That’s why your phone can get hot as its running malwares in the background.
  • Battery in draining fast: phone’s can drain their battery fast when many apps are running together. But if you do not use your phone more often, but still notice that it drains all its power quicker than ever, then it must get tracked by someone.
  • Pop-ups: while all pop-ups do not mean your phone is getting controlled, sometimes continuous pop-up can lead to spy-apps. It is a form of malware that forces your phones to see many pages, which generates pop-ups.

To avoid all issues regarding tracking, you can go for the AiSpyer. AiSpyer is the Phone Tracker for Android. In Spite of many mobile tracking tools in the market you have to always check whether the tool is safe enough to protect all your data. The most important thing of tracking software is that it should be undetectable; otherwise it won’t meet the expectation of people. AiSpyer is the lightest weighted tracking software. The application support the contact, sms, GPS location, and view browsing history, track all social media activities and many more. Unlike other tracking apps, AiSpyer does not drain all the battery of your phone. It is the most safest and easy to use software.

For getting all the tracking done, you have to go for a few steps to install. Here is the guide on how you can install the app to your phone.

  • Register an AiSpyer Account- after downloading the software the first step you have to perform is create an account or register. You can only access the software if you register an account first.
  • Connect with a Target Device- next step is you have to connect the software with the targeted device. You can download the software using the link or scanning the QR code. But if you are having any kind of trouble signing in, you can also watch a video tutorial, on how to install the app on the right device. After installing the software, it will vanish from your mobile screen within 5 seconds. The software will run only in the background.
  • Log in your account and view all tracked data- after installing the software, you can log in to your account on and start track and view all the data. This will provide you the leverage of monitoring all the data you want to track.

With AiSpyer you can spy on anything such as phone number, SMS, browser history, facebook, whatsapp, Skype, email, photo gallery anything. The app is the most secure and reliable, if you want to track someone’s phone without their knowledge, you can go for the best tracker which is AiSpyer. You can also check out the features of the software at our website.

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