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Bug Bites

Bed bugs are no doubt one of the most irksome creatures that could live inside your home. These sneaky little pests, whose size is comparable to that of an apple seed, can simply hide themselves in the tiniest cracks or gaps on your walls, bed frame, and other household objects and appliances, particularly those near your bed. The reason they usually stay inside the bedroom is to make themselves as close to their victims as possible. During the night when people are fast asleep, these creepy crawlies discreetly come out of their hiding spaces and gorge on human blood. 

Bed bugs reproduce fast and since they aren’t usually detected early on, they can multiply in great proportions before we even know it. Although they ate considered nocturnal, experts have debunked the myth that bed bugs only attack at night. The truth is that bed bugs also bite people during the day when there is an opportunity such as when the host is resting or not moving. Throughout their lifetime, bed bugs exactly molts five times in order to become a full adult.

Bed Bug Bites

It is important to recognize indications that bed bugs are dwelling inside your home. Typically, what people first notice are the nasty red bite mark clusters on certain parts of their body. People have the tendency to misdiagnose bed bug bites thinking they are mosquito bites. While some individuals only show mild or even no reaction to bed bug bites, others suffer from serious allergic reactions and infection. Eventually, people may experience extreme discomfort due to the itchiness that they start to lose sleep and go through anxiety.

Bite marks inflicted by bed bugs look like red welts that usually appear in clusters of 3 to 5 mark. They may come in a straight line pattern or a zigzag pattern. The bite marks are found in areas of your body that get exposed easily when you are sleeping such as the face, cheeks, neck, back area, arms, hands, shoulders, and legs.

What to Do When Bitten by Bed Bugs

The good news is that these ectoparasites are not carriers of viruses or diseases. Still, if you get bitten by bed bugs, you should treat the bite marks using these remedies:

  1. Avoid scratching the bites.

Bed bug bites is way itchier than mosquito bites. Although you may not sense the itchiness right away, you will start to feel them after a couple days. If you scratch the bed bug bites like crazy, which is the case for many victims, the bite marks will bleed and soon get infected. To avoid inflammation and infection, stop yourself from scratching them no matter how tempting. Instead, you may apply an ice pack or a cold cloth on the bitten areas to soothe the discomfort.

  1. Wash the bites with soap and water to disinfect.

Another way to treat bed bug bites and prevent infection is to wash the bitten areas with soap and water. This also helps relieve itchiness.

  1. Apply corticosteroid cream, calamine lotion or even essential oils on the bite mark to relieve itch.

If you happen to acquire a lot of bed bug bites, it is better if you see a dermatologist so you will receive drug prescriptions of anti-allergies and anti-itch creams. Some corticosteroid crem may be bough over-the-counter without a doctor’s prescription.

  1. Take antihistamines in case of allergic reaction or prescribed antiseptic or antibiotic in case of infection.

If you experience breathing difficulty, fever, nausea, and some swelling, it is time you need to see a doctor. Your dermatologist knows best what anti-histamine pill to prescribe for your allergic reaction to bed bug bites. Pain relievers also work and will lessen the pain in case you have serious blisters or inflammation.

Harmless or not, bed bugs need to be exterminated like the rest of nuisance pests that invade your home. As far as bed bug removal is concerned, treating your home should be done as early as possible unless you enjoy being bitten. Bed bugs will still enter your home regardless of your hygiene.  Hence, to stop them from spreading, you must be alert of any signs of bed bugs and then get the professionals involved once the problem requires a procedure such bed bug heat treatment. Always contact the best pest control professionals in your locality and coordinate with them for fast and effective bed bug removal.

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