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Netgear Arlo is global leaders in providing home security solution. There is a huge product line up each of which has got special features of its own. Packed with stunning clarity and with an option to integrate the device with Alexa has made the product range stand beyond the competitor’s crowd. A robust app to control the camera with a smart phone from anywhere is an added advantage. Arlo has introduced motion activated cameras with customizable activity alerts to provide real time notification via mail or via app notification. These devices are very robust In terms of their performance and can work on endlessly without any issues.


The most common issue that the user have reported with the performance of the camera is the issue with arlo pro motion detection. These arlo cameras can analyze changes in the video frames which in turns triggers the motion detection. The motion detection is notified to the admin user through alerts or app notification.


Issues with motion detection is a common phenomenon and require simple troubleshooting steps to get the issue rectified. By following this article that follows the user can easily get the issue resolve without the need of specialist support.


Step 1 : Check if the camera is positioned properly or not. This is the step where there are maximum chances of errors. It is very important  to check this as it can hamper the performance of your camera to a huge extent.    There is a need to place your camera at a maximum of 300 feet from base station as recommended for optimal performance.


Step 2 : Ensure that the motion detection feature is enabled in the settings of your camera.


Step 3 : Keep your motion sensitivity level to an above average mark. Make sure it is not too low. The sensitivity range is from one to nine. A good practice will be to keep it close to 5 so as to get adequate coverage as well as proper motion detection.


Step 4 : Double check your registered mail address that you have filled in your Arlo app. Most of the time while troubleshooting, users have done this mistake. The cameras were working properly and sending proper alerts, but because users have filled in wrong details that is why there were not receiving any kind of alert notifications.


Following these simple steps 99% of the times issues with arlo motion detection gets resolved. If at all after applying these troubleshooting steps the issue doesn’t gets rectified, then there is no need to panic. Arlo is very particular about its products and services. There is a proper support team working day and night to resolve your queries. You can call and get answers to all your queries. The company is working hard on the concept of DIY ( Do It Yourself ) and has successfully achieved this milestone to an appreciable extent. The devices are so simple and handy to use that even a layman can install configure and operate these devices.

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