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Hunting Kukri Knife

Hunting kukri is a knife that is chiefly used for hunting purposes. They have been used for many years In Nepal for many other purposes like wartime, hunting purposes, and the household. Kukri has a highly sorted blade with carbon steel, and the handle can be made of wood, horn, or bone visit Khelegaindia

Every veteran or outdoor enthusiast who likes to keep things simple will find how to use the Hunting kukri knife as a piece of cake. While the basic use of any knife is to cut, gather, and skinning deer, Damascus Hunting knives can be used in many other ways. You can use it to open cans, use it as a bait casting device, carving blade, or whatever you may need. In addition to that, a well-made kukri is a great tool and can be used for many years.

Using a kukri requires you to hold the handle with your thumb and index fingers and make a slash with the blade. It would help if you had the knife in your right hand and the left hand’s thumb and index fingers. The left hand should be on the belly of the animal and the right hand on the handle. The thumb side of the knife should face the user. Once the knife has been made into a slash, you should slip the blade over the stomach and out of your hands.

  • The hunting pack has become more popular with hunters across the world. A traditional hunting pack includes all of the equipment necessary to take down the game, including a knife, arrows, blinds, sleeping bag or a cot, food and water, and even a whistle. In some instances, these items are included in a single pack, but they are often bought separately. For this reason, it is essential that when learning how to use Hunting kukri, one must know the proper way to store them, especially in the field.


  • Once the blade has been removed from the kukri, it must be cleaned properly. This is because kukri is made of tough, strong metal. Unluckily, rust can grow on them if they are not cleaned and seasoned properly. As such, you should always look for a good, dry cloth to wipe off any excess moisture. The blade should then be polished up before it is put back into its sheath.
  • When learning how to use Damascus kukri knife, you must also know that it is important to keep the blade sharp. This is because, if it is dull, it may cause difficulties during your kills. To keep the blade sharp, you should learn how to sharpen it yourself using a flat blade and a suitable compound.


  • Before you leave camp, you should also make sure that the knives are kept dry. This is done by wiping the blades down with a damp towel after each use. In fact, if you do not have a towel handy, you can use a clean, dry towel. It is important to note that you should inspect the condition of your knife after every use and make sure that it is scorched.

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