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There are as many exchange sites on the Internet as there are mushrooms in a forest after a rain. But very often it happens that the exchanger still functioning today disappears from the Network tomorrow, as if it never existed.

How not to be mistaken with the choice of a worthy resource so as not to send hard-earned crypto coins into the unknown? There are a couple of ways to choose the best exchange service and not fall for the bait of scammers.

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What to pay attention to?

First, consider the company’s website itself. There must certainly be requisites – information on registration in payment systems. Usually reliable money changers are happy to show where they are in the rating, that they work with different “payment systems” – because all this speaks about the level of reliability.

In addition, information on cooperation with banks and financial institutions will be a good indicator. If information about a partnership with some large bank is listed, but apart from a beautiful emblem there is no data, this should alert you.

One of the main signs of the reliability of the exchange service is the ability to view currency quotes in online format. It is very easy to compare the information with the official figures. The data must match, otherwise you should immediately leave this fraudulent resource.

In addition, a good exchanger provides indicators of the exchange rates of cryptocurrencies for real money to plastic cards and to accounts in payment systems. If, in addition to this, there are also rates of stock exchanges, as well as of the Central Bank, this indicates the serious intentions of the resource and its management.

What is Godex?

Godex exchange service has established itself as very safe, quick and simple platform on the market. You can use its btc to eth calculator, or many other pairs to exchange. We offer a quick exchange of the most popular cryptocurrencies with each other and for fiat money. We will implement a conversion in one of the most popular directions – Litecoin LTC to Bitcoin. The high speed of our transactions is ensured by a powerful engine, and reliability is ensured by the exchange’s impeccable reputation. Our reverse exchange converter will help you accurately calculate the costs to get a specific amount. Choose a fast, inexpensive and convenient exchange, use the Godex service, make only profitable transactions.

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The Godex online cryptocurrency calculator is very easy to use

To find out the rate of one crypto to another, enter the names of these crypto currencies in the fields of our calculator and click the calculation button. You can enter their designations in the international standard. To see the reverse crypto exchange rate, change the locations of the currencies relative to each other, click the “change” link.

If you need the rate of the selected cryptocurrency, for example, against the US dollar, then enter the name of the required cryptocurrency in the first field of the cryptocurrency calculator, and in the second “US dollar”. If you need a cross rate of the US dollar to the selected crypto, then click “change” and the calculator will show you the opposite rate.

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In the cryptocurrency calculator, information on the official exchange rates of currency transfer is updated as soon as it is established by official banks; information on the average crypto exchange rate is taken from the statistics of sales of each cryptocurrency for the last 24 hours on the world’s crypto exchanges.


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