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In businesses, it is easier to gain new customers than to keep one. New customers may be important to increase revenue, but what keeps companies running is the customer’s loyalty. It is also cheaper to keep current customers than to have new ones.

Business owners need to invest in strategies that keep them coming back or developing loyalty to the brand. Custom packaging is one thing businesses should consider because it helps create a better relationship with customers, thus creating a loyal customer base. At the same time, it builds stronger brand retention. Well-thought-out packaging can also continually attract customers back. Here are six tips on packaging products to acquire and keep customers.

Think of Packaging as a Marketing Tool

To begin with, it’s essential to make the packaging stand out from the shelves and consider what it says about the product or brand. It’s also wise to think about what messages the product’s packaging is conveying to shoppers and consumers. And in the age of Instagram, why not make the packaging IG-worthy? In that way, the packaging markets itself.

Choose product packaging that resonates with your audience and can be a proud representation of your brand. In that case, it’s smart to find a professional packaging designer that will take the key messages of your business and turn them into an impressive and cohesive visuals.

Break the Conventional Rules

Think out of the box (maybe also in a literal sense). When shoes typically come in carton boxes, you can offer a more creative and innovative alternative. When bending or breaking the packaging norms, you are also able to solve problems.

Take ketchup, for example. It always came in glass bottles, which were inconvenient to a certain point, so why not have ketchup come in squeezable plastic bottles instead?

Include Personalized Note Cards

Personalized note cards create connections and eventually improve customer loyalty. People retain a specific business product when they feel that they’re valued as customers and, more importantly, as people.

Note cards, especially when personalized, imply sincerity. What’s more surprising—and heartwarming—than receiving a note card that is specifically for them when they open the product?

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Add Incentives and Discounts

For customers, incentives and discounts are always a plus factor when considering the product. Make coupons and vouchers part of the brand’s packaging design. Discounts and incentives are like a gift within a gift given to the customers, and these will surely get them excited for their next product purchase.

Include Invitations for Promos and Events

Similar to note cards, sending invitations to customers creates a sense of belongingness. Letting customers feel that they are included in the brand’s vision will help create a ripple effect. They too can help promote the brand. Customers become loyal when they become part of the success stories of the business.

Promote Green and Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability is a trend now, especially for the millennials and Generation Z population, all for the right reasons. Green and sustainable packaging does not only help contribute to the zero waste of the environment but also attracts people who are environment advocates. When they know that a business is advocating sustainability and zero waste, they will not only support the product but may also promote the brand.


Make It Usable


Make the product package usable in more ways than it’s meant to be. If the packaging, like a box or tin can, remains useful to the customer even after the product has been used, there are higher chances of brand exposure and retention. And chances are that the product will be considered for a second purchase or more.

Never Forget to Include Your Contact Details

And that doesn’t just mean the address and telephone number. Include social media handles and websites. That way, customers can get to know the brand better or reach out more through different platforms.

Encouraging customers to engage with your brand even by just tagging brands’ social handles in product-related posts allows consumer-behavior data to come organically. This feedback will also be of great help when evaluating products for scale.

Packaging helps build strong brands, and well-thought-out packaging helps businesses become more successful. Businesses thrive not only because their product is right but also because of marketing efforts and careful, creative strategies geared toward brand perception. People will likely want to go back to companies where they feel they are valued before, during, and after they had purchased the product.

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