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If you are using a Paytm wallet for the first time, you may need guidance about how to use Paytm. Paytm nowadays has become the most widely used and growing wallet. We will give you every possible detail from beginning to advanced level about Paytm. But before talking about the usage of this wallet, let’s see what Paytm is.

What is Paytm?

Paytm is an e-commerce wallet belonging to India containing more than 11 Indian languages. It was launched first time in 2010, August, and Vijay Shekhar Sharma is Paytm CEO. One97 Communications owns Paytm. The purpose of using Paytm is to make secure transactions online without any worry.  Users can do their mobile recharge, pay fees, do event bookings, or buy goods by paying via Paytm. Moreover, Paytm is compatible to use in educational institutions, pharmaceutical industries, and many other platforms. 

How to use Paytm?

To use Paytm, you have to create an account first. The below-mentioned are the steps to create a Paytm account.

  • Go to Google Play Store and download the Paytm app
  • Open the Paytm app and click on the Create a new account(if you have registered already, click on Login to Paytm)
  • Enter your mobile number, and you will receive an OTP
  • Enter the OTP and Verify your mobile number
  • Paytm will ask permission to make and manage phone calls; click allow.
  • Eventually, you have done it. Your Paytm account is created successfully. 

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Add and Send Money via Paytm

Now you can add money to your Paytm account and use it further for other purposes. Open the app, click on add money, enter the amount and click on the add money button. When your money is added to Paytm, you can see it on the passbook. 

On the other hand, click on the pay button if you want to make payment via paytm. Enter the recipient’s number, or you can scan the QR code. Enter the amount you want to send and proceed to pay. The receiver will receive the payment in his bank account or Paytm account within a few minutes. 

Get ready to discover the best way to use your Paytm wallet. In this article, we will cover what it is and how you can get started with payment options today!

What Is a Paytm? A great question may be why would I need one of these in my life when all other methods work just fine too- but if there’s anything worth doing than answering those questions should surely make up priorities number 1 at least right outta gate before tackling world hunger or helping out someone who needs some clothes on their back so don’t forget to check our site for more info now!. So anyway as i was saying about paytms–they’re not very complicated devices Afterall: they exist mainly as online financial services providers which offer customers something called a money wallet where the customers are able to send or receive payments from their personal accounts whenever they so choose. Of course, there are some other great benefits of using them including the fact that you’re also able to shop on many e-commerce sites including some major retail names too–THAT SAID THERE’S ALWAYS A FEE FOR EVERYTHING IN LIFE RIGHT? Anyway amounts of money worth paying for sure :).

What Are Some Benefits of Using a Paytm? Another great question! Well, I’m glad you asked because i happen to have an answer ready for ya which is mainly things like saving yourself time plus not having to get out of your pajamas or leave your house which is always good news right after all! but

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